Coming Soon notes that a “Deadwood” movie is now in the works which is supposed to tie up some loose ends left from the HBO series that starred Timothy Olyphant and Ian McShane as rivals in the wildest of Wild West towns. This project is all well and good. However, many other defunct shows cry out for movie sequels. Some were canceled prematurely. Others were well beloved, and thus a revival would be welcomed.

‘Burn Notice’

The long-running series about a burned spy, his trigger-happy girl-friend, his friend who used to inform on him to the FBI, and a spy they picked up along the way, could certainly use a Big Screen treatment.

When we last left out intrepid heroes, Sam and Jesse were carrying on helping the helpless back in Miami while Michael and Fi were playing house back in Ireland. What dire situation could cause Michael Weston to come out of retirement? The imagination runs rampant, but I think a threat to the world might suffice.

‘Stargate: Universe’

The last of the great Stargate series was canceled on an irritating cliffhanger. To be sure, the situation that caused most of the crew on the Destiny to go into stasis pods while Eli is left awake to try to fix the ship was “resolved” in a comic book. However, the show was a great space adventure and needs the big screen treatment.


Speaking of Timothy Olyphant vehicles that need reviving, the series about Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens could do for a movie.

Raylan was last seen posted in Miami, apparently settled down and no longer shooting bad guys. But how long can that last? While we’re at it, let’s bring back Karen Sisco, who was once a partner in crime fighting and much else with Raylan. Surely enough drug dealers, terrorists, and other Elmore Leonard baddies are around to give our hero a hard time?


The series about the ethical serial killer ended on a bad note with Dexter self-exiled to a lumber camp. Surely that itch that needs scratching is going to reassert itself, and our intrepid anti-hero will have to don the gloves, gather the garbage bags, and get out the knife to follow the Code of Harry and rid the world on another evil doer?


The series about the misanthrope doctor and his cancer-ridden best friend ended with the two going on a road trip. House had faked his death, and Wilson was going to die in a few months. Presumably, at some point, Wilson will succumb to his disease, unless House, who has saved so many hard case patients, can pull one last rabbit out of the hat.