Brandon Spink is a young actor who has played roles in both film and television. His most recent project is his involvement in a series titled “Berlin Station”. Brandon started his acting career at the tender age of seven when he starred in local theater productions. By the time he was ten, he had moved from the stage to the screen.

Brandon truly loves acting and the experiences and opportunities it has provided him, such as starring alongside Queen Latifah and Jennifer Gardner in the movie “Miracles From Heaven” (which was based on the memoir of an author named Christy Beam) and the chance to act in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and TV’s “Game of Silence.”

Now engaged with two projects—“Berlin Station” and “Once Upon A Time”—Brandon has been keeping very busy.

Yet whenever he has downtime he enjoys playing baseball, playing the guitar, and hanging out at home with his two brothers and parents in the state of Georgia.

Via a recent and exclusive interview, Brandon discussed his experiences as an actor and his hopes for the future of his career.

Acting, entertaining, and roles

Meagan Meehan (MM): What first inspired you to become an actor and how did you manage to break into the ultra-competitive entertainment industry?

Brandon Spink (BS): When I was seven years old, I auditioned for the role of Smee in the production of “Peter Pan”! I booked the role, and enjoyed performing and entertaining on stage so much that I told my mom that I wanted to become an actor.

My mom signed me up for a local talent agent and then I began auditioning for different acting roles. I booked my first role for NBC, family movie “Game of Your Life”. I was only seven years old.

MM: You have been involved with some amazing projects, so how do you land these gigs?

BS: I do as much research about the project and the role as possible.

That really helps me to develop and create my character, which can help in booking these roles.

MM: Can you tell us about the characters that you have played and do you have any special favorites?

BS: The roles that I have played have all had such different personalities, which has been great! I really enjoyed playing Noah Kirsch on “Berlin Station” because his life is so different than mine.

Another favorite role was playing the young Bruce Wayne, especially since I am a huge Batman fan.

MM: What role do you play in “Berlin Station” and what interested you about the character and the show as a whole?

BS: I play Noah Kirsch son of Robert Kirsch, played by Leland Orser. I was interested in the role, because I love dramatic roles, and also because it was a spy thriller series.

MM: What sort of role do you regard as your "dream character" and why?

BS: My dream character would be to play a lead Superhero in a film; I am just a huge DC Comic and Marvel Fan.

Becoming the character and advice

MM: How do you typically prepare for roles and “become” your character while on camera and/or stage?

BS: I do as much research about the role as I can.

That really helps me to develop my character.

MM: What have been the most rewarding parts of being a performer and what is some of the most memorable feedback you have gotten from fans?

BS: The most rewarding parts of a performer is that I really enjoy being on stage, meeting so many amazing people that have become family, and it really cool playing other characters that are nothing like you. The most positive feedback is when someone has seen your work and sends a positive message that really enjoyed watching you.

MM: You are very young, but do you plan to continue acting far into the future?

BS: Yes, I really hope to continue, however, I do plan on attending college, performing arts program would be great!

MM: You’re also into baseball and guitar, so might these be extensions of your career or are they strictly hobbies?

BS: Guitar is a hobby, however, I do love baseball. I am a pitcher for baseball academy in Atlanta. I consider baseball more of a hobby; I have played since I was five years old.

MM: What exciting events/projects are coming up and what advice can you give young aspiring actors?

BS: I’m just auditioning right now and looking forward to a busy 2018. The advice I would give is to never give up, you may hear lots of no’s, but if you are determined it will happen.