No doubt a lot of people are wondering whatever happened to Bill O’Reilly, once the foundation of Fox News prime time line up, since his 20-year career with the network crashed and burned due to allegations of sexual harassment. The mighty may have fallen, but O’Reilly at age 69 is keeping busy, according to the Hollywood Reporter,

‘Killing England’ is coming out soon

The latest of O’Reilly’s “killing” books is due to be out September 19. It’s called “Killing England,” an account of the American Revolution from the point of view of George Washington.

Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin. However, National Geographic is no longer doing dramatizations of O’Reilly’s books, so he is looking for another venue starting with “Killing Patton.”

O’Reilly has a podcast

O’Reilly is no longer pontificating on Fox News, but he does have a podcast that is accessible on a subscription basis. The material consists of a 22-minute commentary that is similar to the three minutes or so that he used to do on “The O’Reilly Factor.” He doesn’t have any guests since they are less attracted to a podcast than to a world renowned cable news show. On the other hand, O’Reilly has proven to be successful enough that he will shortly take the operation from his home on Long Island to a studio in Manhattan.

What about a return to television?

O’Reilly has stated that he is being pursued by a number of groups that want to build a new television network around him. While he enjoys not having to go to a studio every week day to work, he is considering such offers and will have more to say in October.

What about his firing?

O’Reilly is reticent to say anything about Fox News and the people who levied accusations against him, stating the matter is being handled by his lawyers.

He did express unhappiness about how he was let go, while he was on vacation in Italy. O’Reilly also hints that more details will be made public sooner rather than later, something that he has been saying since his termination.

The bottom line

The world has not heard the last of Bill O’Reilly, a man who dominated cable news for decades before his sudden fall from grace.

Whether we shall be hearing about him in the context of a new Cable News Network that is meant to rival FNC or in a spectacular defamation case against his accusers remains to be seen. Love him or hate him, Bill O’Reilly is an American original and will doubtless cause comment until he shuffles off to the ultimate “no spin zone.”