Adrienne Palicki once starred in a 2011 version of "Wonder Woman" for NBC. The pilot episode, however, it never made airtime as the network pulled the plug on the show altogether when its promos and a leaked episode received bad reviews and reactions from critics and fans alike.

Adrienne Palicki reflects on that experience now that she's back on the small screen via the Fox dramedy series "The Orville," which debuted last Sept. 10. She told The Hollywood Reporter that she was gutted when the network abandoned "Wonder Woman" but she still looked at the bright side of things.

"I got paid to wear that costume," the actress said. "One of the coolest moments of my life [was] running down Hollywood Boulevard [in costume]. And I was — how lucky am I?!"

All praises for Gal Gadot

Adrienne Palicki also said that she's happy for Gal Gadot's huge success as Wonder Woman in the DC Universe and that the Israeli-born star is “rocking” the role. She also commented on how badass Gadot's Wonder Woman looked on the big screen.

These days, however, "The Orville" actress is more comfortable wearing her new costume in her space series. She plays XO Commander Kelly Grayson of the Starfleet who is the ex-wife of Captain Ed Mercer (Seth Macfarlane).

Fan reactions to 'The Orville'

Critics initially gave less than favorable reviews for "The Orville" when it premiered. But it became the largest show to premiere on Fox since 2015, according to Variety.

Viewers have also warmed up to the second episode, which aired last Sunday, Sept. 17. Fans on Twitter have slowly discovered the show and have started geeking out over it according to Yahoo!


Critics said "The Orville" is like a parody of "Star Trek." Adrianne Palicki admitted that she was not a fan of the franchise growing up, although she acknowledged MacFarlane’s obsession.

"I have a respect for it,” the actress said. “I think that we do a nice nod to the franchise.”

The Orville” might be a spoof but it will still try to tackle deep and relevant issues.

Adrianne Palicki dished that transgender rights will be tackled in the third episode.

The show will move to Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on Fox beginning Sept. 21.

“The Orville” also stars Penny Johnson Jerald (Dr. Claire Finn), Scott Grimes (Lieutenant Gordon Malloy), Peter Macon (Lieutenant Commander Bortus), Halston Sage (Chief Security Officer Alara Kitan) and J Lee (Lieutenant John Lamarr).