The highly-charged drama series "Power" just ended its fourth season run on Starz last Sunday, Sept. 3. Executive producer and one of the stars of the show, 50 Cent, asked the fans to cut their subscription to the cable network. What will this mean for the show's renewal or cancellation?

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson III, encouraged his followers on Instagram to end their subscription to Starz just as his top-rating series ended as well.

"I don't think the Starz network realize your watching power because it's my show," the rapper wrote.

"So take Starz out of your cable package after you see power tonight."

It's no secret that 50 Cent has his beef with the cable network due to an alleged mistreatment of his show, as Variety reported. It stemmed from when the writers and producers of "Power" asked for additional episode orders before season 4 started as they needed to expound on a storyline. Starz, however, did not agree to the 12 episodes and stuck with a 10 episode-order.

Uneven ‘Power’ season 4

Because of Starz’s decision, the writers then had no choice but to cramp key moments of the plots in a full-block hour. They were unsatisfied with the outcome, as the stories that unraveled on some of the episodes of “Power” felt forced and inadequate, which some fans also observed.

50 Cent threatened to bring his show to a different network following Starz's rejection of the extra episodes. For the superstar, the cable channel doesn't give "Power" the value it deserves especially when it's one of Starz's top-rating shows.

Episode leaks for ‘Power’

Starz wouldn't comment on 50 Cent's accusation. But when "Power" season 4's final three episodes leaked weeks ahead of its broadcast, the network reportedly pinned the blame on the rapper for orchestrating the stunt, according to BET.

Starz already renewed the show for season 4 and 5 in 2016. The souring relationship between 50 Cent and the network, however, might affect "Power" as it moves forward.

‘Power’ season 5 updates

Meanwhile, "Power" creator Courtney Kemp told Deadline that season 5 will involve a big move in the general sense. Some big changes in the show will take place, including changes in the cast.

"We are reaching the end of this journey, so the main characters are less safe than they have ever been before," Kemp said.

Starz hasn’t given an official premiere date for “Power” season 5 for now but it will likely premiere on its usual time schedule in spring 2018.