Imagine Dragons released their hit single, "Believer", on February 1st of this year. "Believer" was an immediate hit, reaching the top charts. It is still climbing higher and has peaked at number six, managing to keep itself on The Hot 100 chart for 21 consecutive weeks.

The song "Believer" is so popular right now that the band was invited to perform it live at the Billboard Awards this year after "Believer" was nominated as the top rock song. The Imagine Dragons performance definitely shook up the stage and was a punch of energy, particularly following Celine Dion's performance, which was amazing but not so much of a blast.

The success of "Believer" is substantial and it has already passed all but "Demons" and "Radioactive."

The popularity that "Believer" has gained is a powerful statement about how alternative rock is still in the running for popularity in mainstream culture. Imagine Dragons has broken down walls to move alternative rock into a forerunner for popular music. "Believer" is continuing to build themselves a place in the spotlights.

'Evolve' following hit single

Their latest album, "Evolve", was released just a couple weeks ago on June 23, and included the single "Believer". Imagine Dragons has officially hit the top artist notch this week as well as "Evolve" earning the number one spot on the rock and alternative album chart. "Evolve" is also in second position for the top 200 albums in the United States.

"Evolve" is currently at the top of the chart for album sales this week, which is fairly impressive for an alternative rock band, even despite their popularity. While alternative rock has definitely gained popularity, it is still well known that the genre is still not as much a part of mainstream culture pop music. This has however not held back Imagine Dragons at all, as their album sales are clearly proving.

Imagine Dragons is continuing their trend in reaching the top spots on several different charts. Their reputation remains untarnished as they previously established a solid fan following through their albums and singles. "Evolve" is continuing to rise and the trends seem to suggest this could be yet another album that we hear on the radio for years to come.

It looks like we will be hearing "Believer" and other songs from the album such as "Thunder" for quite a while in the future. Fans of their music hope that Imagine Dragons will continue to produce such excellent work that is so well received by the public.

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