Two glorious things have combined and the result is truly magical: Cards Against Muggles. Created by some wonderful fans, the card game is a Harry Potter version of the popular adult party game, Cards Against Humanity. And there is certainly mischief to be managed, as Cards Against Muggles is just as priceless, absurd—and naughty—as the original version of the game. (You must be 18 or older to purchase due to the hilariously inappropriate content.)

Party Harry Potter-style

Created by online store Forbidden Forest Crafts, Cards Against Muggles is currently only available online for digital download ($19.95).

A boxed version was available as well ($55), but it sold out faster than you can swish and flick your wand (there is an online waiting list, shipped in the U.S. only). According to Bookstr, the creators released this statement after being shocked and overwhelmed by the fan reaction: “This is a homemade game started by some HP fans. We only made a few for our local HP fan groups. We are currently sold out and not sure when we will have additional games.”

Based on Cards Against Humanity, this unofficial version of the X-rated card game plays the same way. One player reads a card with a question or statement, and the rest of the players offer a card from their hand to fill in the blank (comedy, sarcasm and irony abound).

The person who read the first card then chooses their favorite, and rewards the black card to the person who played that answer. And though the goal is to collect as many black cards as possible, everyone wins with a night of gut-busting wizarding hilarity.

The wizarding-themed game comes with 350 black (question) cards, and 850 white (answer) cards and Potterheads around the world are rejoicing.

With the instant digital download, you and your Harry Potter-obsessed friends could be playing it over a round of Butterbeers tonight.

'I overdosed on Felix Felicis and found...'

The creators of Cards Against Muggles (and some of the first fans to purchase the game) have shared a few side-splitting examples of cards included, and they'll make you want to grab that digital download ASAP.

A few of the black (question/statement) cards revealed were:

  • I overdosed on Felix Felicis and found _______
  • After months of practicing magic, I think I'm finally ready for _______

Some of the white (answer) cards included in the sneak peak were:

  • Having to explain to Madam Pomfrey why you used engorgio on your d**k
  • The basilisk in my pants
  • Random red-headed splinted tw** floating in the Room of Requirement
  • Losing the House Cup because Harry and his friends went on another f**king adventure

Will you be among the Harry Potter fanatics racing to get a copy of Cards Against Muggles?