The reboot, featuring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella, hit the global cinemas on June 9, 2017. Early projections revealed that the movie would earn something from $35 to $65 million in its opening weekend. Unfortunately, “The Mummy” unraveled in its national debut with $32 million and is one of the major flops this summer.

In May 2017, Universal Pictures announced “Dark Universe” film series. The studio also revealed that “The Mummy” is interconnected with its new monster movies. The box office performance of this horror movie has been unsatisfactory, but fans and critics still praise the performances of Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella.

Why did the movie fail?

It is widely considered that “The Mummy” failed at the box office due to its poor storyline and boring action sequences. The film has a lot of monsters that wander through the streets of London and are about to destroy the humanity. This concept has been introduced in a lot of movies.

Even the original “Mummy” movie and its spin-off “The Mummy Returns” introduced a similar concept. Those two movies did great business at the box office; now it seems that fans are tired of the reboots. Though Universal tried its best to present “The Mummy” in a whole new style, the movie did not come up the expectations of audiences.

It got awful reviews

No doubt, “The Mummy” has been criticized by reviewers, falling beneath 24% on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes.

On Metacritic, the film’s score is only 34 out of 100 based on 103 reviews. Some critics have called it the worst Tom Cruise movie of all time. David Ehrlich from IndieWire said that “The Mummy” is a major disaster of the year.

The studio was better to launch this movie in another style, but it adapted the same concept fans are already tired of.

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David Edelstein from Vulture calls it one of the major flops this summer. He says that “The Mummy” and “Baywatch” have disappointed the fans to a greater extent. Peter Travers from Rolling Stone calls it a movie with odd action sequences and visual effects.

In the light of these comments, it's hard for us to say anything positive about the monster movie – even those who have praised Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella performances say that actors like Tom and Sofia should not compromise on the quality of their films. It is recommended that they sign the future projects carefully, and should not contract with Universal Pictures for “Dark Universe.”