In these last days, it was rumored that Miley Cyrus, 24, and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, 27, were looking to have a baby. Sources close to the couple say that version is totally false. Her friends assure she is focused on her singing career and Hemsworth wants to establish a solid career as an actor in Hollywood. Although they both would like to start a family someday, they now prefer to work hard to achieve their professional goals. Perhaps many believed that she wanted to get pregnant because she was leading a very healthy life. The pop star stopped smoking weed, became vegetarian and practiced yoga daily.

Despite her new habits, she does not even think about motherhood now.


Miley was always an altruistic artist committed to important social causes. Ariana Grande invited Miley to participate in the One Love Manchester concert, for the benefit of the victims of the terrorist attack. The "Wrecking Ball' hitmaker accepted the invitation and together they sang "Don't Dream It's over" (Crowded House). They were the best at the concert and Grande was sad to remember the victims. Most important of all is that they raised nearly three million dollars that people donated through Facebook, Twitter and various websites. That money will be destined to help the victims of the terrorist attack, in which 22 people died.

A young couple

Although Miley and Liam are very young, they take their relationship very seriously.

In fact, the pop star believes that her boyfriend is "the one" and wants to be with him forever. They were about to marry a few years ago but they separated. The Australian actor dated other women and the singer engaged in some lesbian relationships with several girls. In early 2016 they reconciled and planned to marry one day. The pop star changed her personality for her boyfriend as she does not want to lose him again.

Before, Miley was wild and irreverent. Now, she is a quiet girl who leads a healthy life.

Although they are known to want to marry someday, no one knows the date or the exact place of that great event that everyone is waiting for. The couple keeps their wedding plans secret and that increases the curiosity among the fans of the singer. They just say that they will get married at the right time.

They both know their respective families and they all get along very well. Their parents hope they can make each other happy after all the obstacles they have overcome. Miley and Liam are mature now and know how to make a relationship work.

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