Earlier this week, Brad Pitt made a surprise appearance in "The Jim Jefferies Show" on Comedy Central, and Jefferies introduced him as the weatherman. Jefferies and Pitt had the funny conversation on the issue of the President Donald Trump decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate.

There Is No Future

On YouTube, Comedy Central published a minute long video with Pitt, who took part in the show of the Australian stand-comic and actor Jim Jeffries.

In the short video, Pitt appeared in the unusual role of the leading weather forecaster.

Dressed in a funny suit, Pitt stands on the background of a red-orange map of the world and happily reports that the climate on the planet is getting warmer and when, at the end, Jefferies asked if Brad Pitt had any forecasts for the future, the actor said: "there is no future."

During Brad's photo shoot in the Everglades National Park for GQ Style magazine, Angelina Jolie gave her first interview after she had filed for divorce.

The presenter invited his ex-wife Angelina Jolie to try herself as the leading weather forecaster, and Brad agreed.

Despite the colorless forecast, Brad Pitt makes one charming weatherman cameo on the Jim Jefferies show.

Brad admitted his problem with alcohol which he had been having since last year, he also candidly opened up about therapy seeking after his break up with Angelina Jolie. He mentioned that alcohol, spliffs, and cigarettes had always been important in his Brad's life, also Brangelina revealed they began splitting up in September 2016, after two years of marriage.

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On September 19, 2016, Angelina filed legal documents, citing irrelevant differences, and soon she got the sole physical custody upon their six children. After the divorce announcement, it turned out that Pitt had been under investigation over the claims about being ‘verbally abusive with his children’ on a private jet.

Pitt is a social worker

Brad Pitt has done several humanitarian works, and environment preservation is one of his efforts. In 2007, Pitt established "Make It Right Foundation" to help New Orleans in rebuilding the environmentally sustainable houses in the city's Lower 9th Ward, which had been destroyed by the Hurricane Katrina.

He admitted that he is not a huge fan of the current President, as he supported Clinton in the last year presidential election. He has also supported the Clinton Foundation to bring some attention to energy-related and environmental issues.