BTS also known as the Bangtan Boys have taken the K-Pop industry and the world by storm following their first music show win in 2015. The seven-member group garnered attention by the general public for the social commentary in their music, powerful visuals, and raw talent. The first win was only the beginning for them; soon they would be selling out concerts worldwide for their 2016 The Red Bullet Tour, and the Wings Tour the following year.

Bangtan is known as "The Group of a Generation" and seem to be keeping up their momentum as influential artists not just in their home, South Korea, but all over the world as they became nominated for the Billboard Music Awards "Top Social Artist" award; an award previously only held by Canadian singer, Justin Bieber for the last six years.

BTS is at the top of the voting chart for the Billboard Music Awards's with over 160 Million votes and counting. They have been the first artists to reach over 100 million votes in a matter of day since the Top Social Artist award was established in 2011.

Billboard Music Awards, Bangtan and K-Pop

Simply put: The exposure that Bangtan will be getting during the voting period as well as by attending the Billboard Music Awards will put K-Pop in the light of the Western music industry. While K-Pop artists do not need the approval of a Western society to thrive, it gives an opportunity to the artists in the industry to break through to the Western world in a way that Korean artists have not been able to until recently.

A win for Bangtan would not only mark their name in Western society but it could pave the way for more artists to be eligible for some of the more 'prestigious' awards in the music industry. The shift in K-Pop would be small, but it would also mean that Korean-based artists would not have as much difficulty breaking into an industry that had previously not given them an opportunity.

The right direction for global artists

Fan wars aside, the attendance (and possible win) of Bangta at the Billboard Music Awards is a step forward in the right direction for global music artists to be recognized on a global scale that not many artists ever get to achieve.

Arguably one of the most popular K-Pop acts in the industry, the Bangtan Boys have helped shape a generation with their music, transcending music, language and cultural barriers. The bond between Bangtan and their fans, ARMY, has reached impressive levels that can only be described as an unbreakable bond.

You can watch the BBMA's on Sun May 21st 2017.