"Days Of Our Lives" has gone through a lot of casting changes in the past few years. With the announcement that Alison Sweeney is returning as Sami Brady, will EJ DiMera also make a comeback? That is what one website claims. A leaked audition tape suggests that a DiMera will return to Salem and some fans believe it is EJ.

Leaked audition tape details

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, a leaked audition tape is floating around the Internet. Tim Abell is on the tape, but it isn't clear who his character is supposed to be. The website speculated that the lines suggest EJ DiMera's return.

Will EJ DiMera return to 'Days Of Our Lives'?

Since Ron Carlivati took over as head writer, a lot of old favorites are coming back to "DOOL." Alison Sweeny confirmed she is returning as Sami Brady, but not permanently. Also, Chandler Massey is reprising his role of Will Horton. Why not make it a family affair and bring back EJ, the man that Sami loved and lost?

James Scott's character might be recast

The website stated that James Scott does not appear to be interested in returning to the soap opera. That means someone else would have to play the role. Even though it can be difficult to pass off recasts, some are quite successful. One example of this is Billy Flynn, who currently portrays Chad DiMera.

Why EJ's return to Salem makes sense

Even though EJ died on "Days Of Our Lives," there was a scene that could make his return possible. After he was killed, Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) told Kristen (Eileen Davidson) to inject his body with a syringe, and nobody knows what was inside. However, the DiMera family is famous for faking deaths and resurrecting bodies.

Also, with Will Horton coming back, perhaps both Sami's son and husband have really been alive all this time. The timing is perfect and it would be a great story. With Sami's past schemes and secrets, it is believable that she would hide Will and EJ, not letting anyone know they were alive.

What do you think of the theory that EJ DiMera is coming back to "Days Of Our Lives"? Do you think James Scott will return, or will the character be recast? How will the writers explain Will and EJ turning up alive?