Now that “Girls” is on the ash heap of history, with its main character, the corpulent Hannah left a single mom, unable to have sex (unfortunately only temporarily) and without pants (you had to be watching the last few minutes of the show while waiting for “Veep” to come on) how to repair the damage that horrible show did to Millennial Women? If one did not know about the series creator Lena Dunham’s epic meltdown on election night when Hillary lost, one would think she is a secret misogynist for her depiction of the self-absorbed children who drink, drug, and copulate to excess while whining about how horrible their lives are.

Clearly, there has to be another show that attempts to depict the most reviled generation in history, exceeding the ire attracted by both the stoner, slacker Generation X and the druggy, unpatriotic Baby Boomers. A good start would be to take the venue out of the New York publishing arena and into an industry where people can make a lot of money if they work hard. To be sure, one can base the new show in New York if our heroines work at investment banking firms. But that city has seen far too many shows taking place within it. Time to move somewhere west of the Hudson River.

Silicon Valley would be a great place to depict young women who work hard during the day and party even harder at night.

While there is even a show called “Silicon Valley” already on the air, one can always have another. This writer would have at least one character working for SpaceX and eventually becoming a Dragon pilot and flying into space.

The military would also be a perfect place to set a show about millennial women. Such a show would have the advantage of having some episodes set in exotic places where one can meet new and exciting people and kill them.

One can even kill off characters from time to time, “Game of Thrones” style.

One outside the box possibility would be to set the show at a Fox News-style cable news network. The characters could start as interns and claw their way up to on-air positions, all the time avoiding being sexually harassed by a male villain boss. Of course, a showrunner has to be found who understands conservative opinions and the people who hold them.

The point, of course, is that a show where Millennials accomplish things, are not self-absorbed, and are people one would want to associate with needs to happen to counteract all of the damage “Girls” has wrought.