One thing that the latest Walking Dead episode, “The Older Side,” proved is that there seems to be a dearth of people in the Zombie Apocalypse world who know anything about irregular warfare. That fact explains why Negan continues to prosper. It also explains why he has not been taken out.

Some spoilers follow.

About the time the Saviors show up at the Hill Top community to take away its doctor, since Negan incinerated his health care provider, Sasha and Rosita decide that enough is enough and it is the time that the evil warlord takes a bullet.

Mind, the two are hampered by the fact that neither of them has any pre-apocalypse experience in that sort of thing. Sasha seems to have picked up her combat skills by sleeping with a lot of rough men, Sarah Conner style. The two women might have profited by having one of them on the expedition with them.

Nevertheless, the would-be assassins have a pretty good plan. They conceal themselves in a sniper nest in full view of the fence that surrounds the Savior compound and waits for Negan to show up. Why Negan allowed such a position to exist is beside the point. He would not last a week had a special operations kill team targeted him. But apparently, they have become zombie food.

The problem is that Sasha and Rosita lack the one thing that a good sniper team needs, that being the quality of patience.

They have the opportunity to take Negan out at one point but do not get a good enough shot. Sasha could have shot one of more of the people obstructing her view, but that option did not occur to her.

Then, they decide to go off mission to try to rescue Eugene. But Sasha and Rosita discover that the genius engineer is a coward who prefers being Negan’s slave to life on the run.

So, Sasha actually goes berserk by going through the wire in the forlorn hope that she can shoot her way through dozens of armed men to get at her target, At least she had the presence of mind not to let Rosita follow her to her death.

The thing to have done would be to wait for another day for a better shot. But the sensible strategy would make for boring television, one supposes.