"The Bachelor" 2017 came to an end last night, as Nick Viall picked Vanessa Grimaldi as the winner of "The Bachelor" Season 21. So, Reality Steve was not wrong with his predictions. Bachelor Nation was not pleased with the end result, but life goes on for the couple, and they appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" to discuss their new relationship and engagement.

The interview

Nick and Vanessa sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to discuss "The Bachelor" Finale and discuss where things currently stand between them. We all have to keep in mind that they are a new couple and these are the first times that they can actually be seen in public together.

During the interview, Grimaldi said they are taking "baby steps" in their relationship. Then Viall chimed in and joked, “We haven’t even had a dinner reservation yet, so I think we’ll do that first.”

Another big consideration for "The Bachelor" couple is living arrangements, as Vanessa is Canadian. Nick Viall said, “I mean, she’s Canadian, so we have to figure that stuff out. She’s gonna be spending as much time as possible out in L.A. where I am currently living."

You can check out the interview segment below:

Time for a newlywed game

After the important talk, it was time for Nick and Vanessa to play a game. Jimmy Kimmel said, “It’s very similar to The Newlywed Game, and by ‘very similar’ I mean it’s exactly like The Newlywed Game."

For the game, they would answer questions to see how much they knew about each other.

The questions ranged from their favorite celebrity crush to their middle name and the first time they had sex together, which they both said was in Finland (which is where "The Bachelor" 2017 finale was taped).

You can check out the couple play the game on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" right here:

Time will tell if Nick and Vanessa actually make it or not, but they are not leaving the spotlight any time soon. As was mentioned on the "After the Final Rose" special last night, Nick will be one of the stars on "Dancing with the Stars" this season, which kicks off next week.