As IO9 notes, the latest trailer for the upcoming film “Wonder Woman” starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot has dropped. The trailer has some never before seen footage showing the origin story of Diana, the Amazon warrior who will be known as Wonder Woman when she enters the World Of Men.

The scenes where Diana is shown a mystical sword and then subjected to savage combat training seems to be an homage to every sword and sandal epic ever made. The island of Themyscira is an idyllic place where the immortal Amazons are sequestered from the wider world until they are needed.

Then, one fine day, one Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, shows up on the beach. He is a World War I flying ace and a being not seen on the island for thousands of years, a man and a right handsome one too. Trevor is soon followed by a detachment of German soldiers circa about 1917 who then do battle with rapid firing rifles against sword wielding Amazons.

A scene in which Diana and Steve arrive in London demonstrates that no city is very attractive from the port side. There follows what is likely the first of many scenes in which Steve tries to be protective of a lady only to have her save his life by deflecting a bullet on one of her magic bracelets. The rest of the trailer is mostly made up of Wonder Woman cutting vast swaths of Germans in various settings.

Also, it seems that the Greek god Ares is responsible for one of the most unnecessary bloodbaths in human history known variously as the Great War and World War I. Ares is, without a doubt, a more formidable opponent for Wonder Woman to have to deal with.

“Wonder Woman” is one of the most anticipated superhero movies in recent memories.

The Marvel universe has been done almost to death, but the DC Comics line has only been lightly touched by comparison, with mixed results. The “Dark Knight” trilogy was well received as well as “Man of Steel.” Last year’s “Batman vs. Superman” was overlong, but did give us a taste of Wonder Woman which just wetted out appetite for the movie coming this summer.