Most of The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 12, “Say Yes” concerned Rick and Michonne’s Road Trip to hunt for supplies, especially guns and ammo that would be useful to put an end to Negan. The trek works as a fun vacation to this pair of lean, mean zombie killing machines. They have a lot of opportunities for taking sex breaks. For a while, all is right with the world, even when they kill a couple of golfers who happen to be Saviors for their stuff.

Then the two come upon the carnival where an army unit made a last stand against the zombie horde and lost.

That means that the place is filled with weapons, ammo, and other supplies. The carnival is also filled with undead soldiers, shambling about, growling, and looking for live things to devour.

The plan is simple. Clear the carnival of zombies and then gather up the booty. For anyone other than Rick and Michonne (and maybe Darryl who was not there) the operation would have been daunting. But out two undead killers are undaunted at odds of about 50 to one.

The plan almost sideways a number of times (like with the poor undead soldier stuck in the windshield), the last part being when Rick falls off the Ferris wheel (which is the underlining symbolism of the metaphor of what exactly?) In any case, Michonne arrives on the scene to see the zombies gathering around and scarfing down on something.

Thinking that it was Rick, she dropped her katana and prepared to embrace death since the Zombie Apocalypse without Rick is just not as fun anymore.

But it is not Rick, silly Michonne, for he pops out from hiding and tosses her the katana. As the zombies leave off the deer for fresh meat, they lay on with a will, slaughtering the undead right and left.

The lesson, as Rick explains to Michonne later, is that everybody dies and even in the most ordinary of times people are going to lose loved ones and friends. That is doubly the case as they are preparing to go up against the biggest evil man in the zombie apocalypse. But that is a tale for another time.