Beauty and the Beast released in the U.S., on March 17, 2017, is a romantic and adventurous movie produced by Walt Disney production and Mandeville Films. The movie is directed by Bill Condon.

‘Beauty and the Beast’: Cast and Story

A monstrous Beast (Dan Stevens) imprisons Belle (Emma Watson) in his castle and falls in love with her. Over time while living in the castle, Belle befriends the staff at the castle and sees a softhearted prince inside the monstrous beast. In this remake, Belle’s love for books is the newest addition and how she uses it to invent the first washing machine makes it more attractive to the audience.

People in the prince’s castle, turned into various objects add more thrill. A new addition, the harpsichord (Stanley Tucci), the candelabra (Ewan McGregor), the clock (Ian McKellen), the teapot (Emma Thompson) and the wardrobe (Audra McDonald) all have made the movie fantastic while mesmerizing the audience.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ Reviews: Is it worthy of this weekend?

Emma Watson has done full justice to the role of Beauty, and she has been the perfect Belle with beauty and brain; Dan perfectly plays the character of a monstrous beast and arrogant prince. The chemistry between the couple is bringing the movie to life.Screenwriters Stephen Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos and director Bill Condon have done a commendable job of delivering what fans want.

The screenplay, production, special effects, and music are all fantastic and make “Beauty and the Beastworth spending and watching. If you want to create the magic of the 18th-century fairy tale, leaving you spellbound, then the movie is surely for you. The movie is an exhilarating gift of the Disney production to the audience.

Watching the movie will send you back to the era of fairy tales which all of us have listened to in our childhood and have lived with them while listening. So, watching it in vivid characters on the screen will be magical.

Overall,” Beauty and the Beast” is a good work by the cast as well as by the director and worthy of spending the weekend.