For the second week in a row, Disney's live-action hit "Beauty and the Beast" easily won the top spot at the box office. It earned an estimated $88 million at 4,210 locations, as the movie keeps raking in money and setting records. The success of Disney's latest live- action remake, starring Emma Watson and Luke Evans, will only give them more fuel to keep up the trend of remaking their animated classics into live-action hits.

Dominance at the box office

In the last 10 days, "Beauty and the Beast" has earned around $317 million domestically and an additional $119 million from overseas.

The movie has already made more than $690 million worldwide since its release. For its second weekend "Beauty and the Beast" earned $47.5 million more than its closest competitor in Lionsgate's "Power Rangers," which earned $40.5 million during its opening weekend. In its opening weekend the movie already had the highest grossing three-day opening for a PG movie and the fifth highest grossing three-day opening ever. Many are estimating that the movie should cross the $1 billion mark worldwide by its fourth weekend, as clearly the controversy around the film's "gay moment" that caused it to be banned or limited in some places has not hurt the film at all.

Box office records

After its second weekend wrapped up "Beauty and the Beast" had the fourth-largest second weekend of all-time, only trailing "The Avengers" ($103 million), "Jurassic World" ($106 million), and "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" ($149 million).

From its opening weekend to its second weekend the movie only declined 49%, which is the seventh best performance ever. It also has the fourth-largest ever 10-day domestic total in history and is already 55th best on the all-time domestic list with its $317 million haul. The film has also been at the helm of a breakout March box office that has seen the month pass the $1 billion mark for the first time with still a few days remaining. Lastly, the movie became the highest grossing live-action musical of all-time, easily beating "Grease" ($188 million).