X-Men fans are excited about the upcoming Gambit flick. The energy card-chucking mutant's film is caught up in a gust of uncertainty—so many superhero films are stuck in the development cycle. Luckily, "X-Men" producer Simon Kinberg provided an update on the status of channing tatum's upcoming movie.

The update

Simon Kinberg recently had an interview with CinemaBlend about details on the next picture. Kinberg said that it is a movie that they are still developing very actively, and Channing Tatum is incredibly committed to it. The update is exciting for "Gambit" fans as the feature has been through various stages in the development cycle.

The feature was initially set for a November 2016 release, but after a halt updates remained stagnant. The news is exciting for the Cajun X-Man.

'Gambit's' various stages of development

'Gambit' has been through the ringer in development. Not only was it pushed back to an unknown release date but its been through several directors. "Edge of Tomorrow" director Doug Liman and "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" director Rupert Wyatt are a few who committed at one point but backed out. At several other points in the process other names popped up here and there, but the film is currently without a director.

Although there isn't a director, script, or release date scheduled for the mutant card slinger's feature, Channing Tatum remains dedicated to the project.

This is a reason to celebrate, seeing as he's the only person who's stayed committed to the process. This echoes the dedication that Ryan Reynolds had with Deadpool or Hugh Jackman with the X-Men franchise, with "Logan" coming March 3.

There still isn't a firm release date but the production can move forward once they find a director.

Because Tatum has shown dedication, it's likely to be someone he's worked with before. If they can convince anyone to stick around, the film has the likelihood of being another "Deadpool" or "X-Men: First Class." If the ball gets rolling as they plan, the film could be out by 2018 or 2019. More "Gambit" news to come as updates become available.