Are we in store for a new Kardashian addition to the family? I certainly hope so. There is a new Kardashian sister making plans to have a baby.

Khloe Kardashian is definitely planning for motherhood sooner rather than later now. The 32 year old Kardashian is taking the necessary actions to secure her eggs with her baller boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

A friend close to the Khloe has said, “She has realized that she needs a back-up plan in preparing for motherhood in the near future.” This should not be a shock to many of you because Khloe was seen on episodes of her show with her ex-husband Lamar Odom discussing plans to have a baby.

However, it was not easy for her to conceive.

Problems in store for Khloe

“She has been told that she will have problems conceiving a child,” says the friend close to Khloe. However, Khloe is not willing to give up this time when it comes to creating a family one day.

The reality TV star definitely has the parenting skills as she shows them off with her nieces and nephews on the show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," and is frequently spotted fulfilling her role as Auntie Khlo off TV.

Baby mama drama

Khloe is now freezing her eggs for babies in the near future. But, she is hesitant to rush into things because she does not want to scare Tristan away. Thompson is a new dad to a baby boy with his ex-beau Jordy Craig.

Jordy Craig shocked Instagram with her growing belly bump right after Tristan broke up with her.

So now, “Khloe is taking it slow until Tristan can put his games behind him and become a father”, says the friend.

This comes to no surprise, but Khloe was seen on the Ellen show blushing and all smiles as she talked about her new baller boo.

She said for certain that Tristan Thompson is the one, so she’s willing to wait, at least for a little while longer. She has taken precaution to lay out a plan for having a baby in the near future and hopes it is with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

Will we see more Kardashian babies in the near future? We will have to wait and see for now.