The James Bond role is one that has worked for many different actors and has carried on for 24 movies. Over that time, Sean Connery (6 with one more that was unofficial), George Lazenby (1), Roger Moore (7), Timothy Dalton (2), Pierce Brosnan (4), and Daniel Craig (4) have all played the role.

The most recent actor was Craig, who has said that he doesn't like the big movies and might not return. However, in a recent interview, Naomi Harris said there is a good chance that Daniel comes back for another movie. Harris played Moneypenny in the last two James Bond movies.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

Daniel Craig brought something new and unique to the character. It was something Timothy Dalton tried years before but fans weren't ready for it. Roger Moore was almost a fantasy secret agent and his movies were very much made with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. Pierce Brosnan was more sci-fi and was very much out of this world.

However, with the success of the "Bourne Identity," fans wanted something gritty and dangerous and that is what the Daniel Craig James Bond movies brought to the table. "Casino Royale" was a fantastic movie and "Skyfall" remains one of the best Bond movies of all-time.

Boredom with James Bond

Sadly, while fans have never tired of the franchise, Craig has grown bored with what the series has asked of him.

Daniel has made it clear that he loves acting in smaller movies rather than running around shooting guns and working on stunts. He said he was bored and had enough money that he didn't have to do another Bond movie if he didn't want to.

However, there are also reports that the Bond producers know that Daniel Craig wants to make a smaller movie called "Purity" and they will work with him to allow that time to finish before making another big-budget Bond movie.

It sounds like they want him back and are offering him a lot to stay.

A new James Bond?

The only other option is casting a new actor to play Bond. It has worked out well before although it took a while. There were websites built to complain about the casting of Daniel Craig but those people were wrong. A new problem would arise if they chose to really chance the character and cast someone like the gawky Tom Hiddleston ("The Avengers") or change his race by casting someone like Chiwetel Ejiofor ("Doctor Strange").

Do you want Daniel Craig back as James Bond? Do you think they can lure him back to the role?