Caleb Bendit is an Actor who appears on the “Power Rangers Ninja Steeltelevision series that is currently airing every Saturday on Nickelodeon. He loves reading and writing and he also plays video games with friends. Caleb is a prolific blackjack player. His little sister Maddi is his favorite person and he also enjoys talking about acting, show business, and more.


Blasting News (BN): How did you get interested in entering entertainment?

Caleb Bendit (CB): I've always been a major cinephile. In high school I would try and watch two new movies a day after school.

I even watch movies with subtitles on so I can quote them easier, my roommates hate it.

BN: How many roles have you played so far? What characters have been your favorites to portray?

CB: I've done two television roles now and various stage productions. My favorite has to be the one I'm currently portraying, Monty. He's just so abnormal and ridiculous, it gives me the freedom to do literally anything and people accept it because he's so out there.

BN: You are playing a comedic role in "Power Rangers". How did that come about?

CB: I was living alongside the LA river, struggling to make ends meet. Each day I would have to scavenge for scraps of paper to make clothes out of. One day as I was constructing a pair of paper socks, I noticed that the flyer I was using was a casting call.

I showed up and they handed me the part without even letting me audition.


BN: You travel a lot for work. What's that like? What cool places have you been to?

CB: The town in Texas I am from is nicknamed "The City of Entrapment", so getting anywhere out of there was a dream. Filming in Atlanta was so fun because we used an actual abandoned prison for filming which was insanely creepy.

Obviously, Los Angeles is the best city on Earth so doing anything there is the best. Currently I'm filming in New Zealand which has some seriously amazing parts to it.

BN: You have had issues with depression. How are you combating that?

CB: Having a support network is so important for people with anxiety or depression. A big step for me was learning to open up about it and accept it; otherwise you're under a constant weight.

It feels like you have this dark secret that people will judge you for, when in reality most people would love to help. The nature of having a mental disorder is really isolating and it's easy to feel stigmatized too, so having people to talk to who you know you can trust is great. It'll always take you by surprise when you open up to someone and find out they have similar things going on. Oh, and Prozac is nice too.

BN: What has been the overall most rewarding part of being an actor?

CB: Entertaining people. I'm a compulsive entertainer so for me it's like air. I couldn't live without it. There are a lot of moments where you wonder as a performer if you're making a difference, and when you get the chance to meet and interact with people who enjoy your work is always a high point.

BN: In one decade from now, where do you hope to be in your career?

CB: Oh boy. I'm going to go ahead and just say "working." I prefer to set my expectations at the bare minimum so if I beat them it's a nice surprise. Most performers will relate to this.

BN: Do you have any events—or advice for fledgling actors—that you want to share?

CB: Yes, after you get your first role, drop out of high school and move to Los Angeles with very little money. No don't do that, trust me it's not much fun. Remember why you started acting, think about what you want to accomplish, and accept that you're not in control. It always works itself out for people who are dedicated.