“A man must prove he’s not an addict after a psychic tells his fiancé not to marry him, all because of one picture.”

"An Addicting Picture", the indie Film written by Jacob Stuart, will be released this Spring. The drama-mystery, starring Sarah Jeanette Taylor and Michael Herman, has been picking up attention in its post-production.

The film

Writer, Jacob Stuart, and producer, Puya Pandey, teamed up to direct this feature length film, "An Addicting Picture," via Los Angeles’ CineProductions. The indie film is described as a drama-mystery and runs approximately 90 minutes.

Inferring from the log line, the film tells the story of a man who is desperately trying to prove to a psychic and his fiance that he is not an addict.

Stuart has said that his initial vision for the film was a short, but after the attention it garnered from others, he decided to make it into a feature length film. Stuart has also stated that following the release of "An Addicting Picture"'s teaser trailer, three different distribution companies requested an immediate viewing of the final cut.

The minds behind the film

The film has a unique background: Stuart and Pandey were eager to create a project together, but due to their conflicting schedules and Stuart residing in L.A., while Pandey resides in Chicago, it seemed unlikely.

However, when Stuart later relocated to Dayton, Ohio, he and Pandey revisited the project and agreed to complete it. "An Addicting Picture" only took an impressive five days to shoot, which Stuart attributes to the amazing talent and hard work of the cast and crew. Talented cinematographer, Tom Dallis, has executed yet another project worth watching.

The success of production and the high level of attention that the indie film is drawing, has influenced Stuart and Pandey to work on more American films for the Summer. After that, the plan is to exclusively focus on Bollywood films in India. It would appear that the duo will try to replicate their success in the foreign film industry.

More information about the film can be read at IMDB, and the intriguing teaser trailer is available on YouTube.