Originally slated by Paramount Pictures for a November 2015 release date, the sequel to the horror classic was pushed back to the spring of 2016, and then Fall. Now scheduled for February 3, 2017, and with a second trailer released Thursday, legions of eager fans are finally beginning to have hope that they'll soon be watching everyone's favorite long-haired creepy chick crawl her way out of television sets and wreak havoc. The new "Rings" trailer doesn't show much we haven't seen before (young/attractive female protagonist, scratchy old videos that look like they were recorded on a microwave, ominous piano music, eerie child's voice in the background, etc.) but due to the relatively exceptional amount of critical-acclaim the first film received, fans are still rather optimistic.

'Rings' trailer avoids plot, focuses on creepy clips

Though the previous "Rings" trailer and press releases have told us the film will revolve around a girl whose boyfriend is obsessed with the legend of the Ring tape and her efforts to save him from it, this trailer eschews any concrete mention of the film's plot and focuses on the backstory of Samara, the antagonist from the first movie (who seems to have gone without a haircut in the 13 year interval since her last appearance), showing her being interviewed in a mental hospital, getting thrown into a well, and generally just having a bad time.

'Rings' set 13 years after events in first film

The first film in the trilogy was based on a Japanese horror film of the same name, which in turn was based on a Japanese novel.

The plot revolved around a VHS tape that supposedly killed anyone who watched it within seven days. "Rings" is set 13 years later, and clearly the goons living in whatever universe this film takes place in haven't put two and two together because it appears that yet another meddlesome young person is trying to investigate the mystery behind the tape, except this time it's gone viral, apparently escaping the downfall of the VHS platform and worming its way onto the Internet.

Not sure what's going to be harder for our protagonists, discovering the reasons that motivate the murderous black-haired menace, or getting her hair out of their throats, but at least fans won't have to wait long to find out.