Khole Kardashian (32) is a new person thanks to fitness and good nutrition. In the past she stood out for being the "Kardashian fat sister," but for a year she has been training hard at the gym, eating healthy and losing weight. She has dropped 40 pounds so far and still wants to continue to lose weight. Last year she divorced retired basketball player Lamar Odom (37) and began a relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson (25). She looks more beautiful than ever and wants to help other people regain their confidence.

'Revenge body with Khloe Kardashian'

The reality show "Revenge body with Khloe Kardashian" premieres on January 12 on "E!." The TV show is based on Khloe's experience with her own body: in the past she was fat but thanks to fitness and good nutrition she completely changed her body and her life. The participants of the reality show will have the opportunity to have the best health professionals at their disposal, to transform their body and their life in three months. Khloe believes that if they achieve the body of their dreams (as happened to her), they will feel better about themselves.


Her new body brought a lot of happiness to 'Koko', but also a lot of controversy on social media.

There are millions of fans who congratulate her on her transformation and tell her that she is a great inspiration for their lives. There are also other followers who assure that she had plastic surgeries done on her body to look this good. They also say she has a new face now. Khloe denies having had plastic surgeries, but does not rule out increasing her breasts in the future, to be more harmonious.

The media have been very unfair to 'Koko': before they criticized her for being too fat and now criticize her for being too skinny. Fortunately, the reality star laughs at this situation and that that is the price that one must pay to be famous. At the end of the day, she only cares about being faithful to herself, and ignores the opinion of others.