Desperate to know what’s going on in his life, Holden decides to figure out just what “The Man in the Yellow Jacket” wants from him, but he goes looking for answers with a very unexpected ally in his corner. Meanwhile, Willa takes a risk to help someone else.

Jeff lets Holden go fairly quickly

Jeff, who has military training and last we saw, forcibly took Holden with him, doesn’t prod Holden very much at the top of the episode. It’s surprising to see him nearly immediately let Holden walk away as Holden tells him about the last time he saw Kevin.

What’s less surprising is that Jeff then decides to try a nicer approach, pulling up to Holden’s house and nearly getting his head knocked by Mr. Matthews. Jeff, as it turns out, is much better at tracking down mysterious assassins like the man in the yellow jacket, and he knows how to break into the guy’s house.

Holden takes dating advice from his mom

In what’s a nice light moment in the episode, we get Mrs. Matthews teasing Holden that his little brother may have just used Holden’s coma as a way to pick up girls. She also tells Holden it might not hurt him to do the same.

Holden takes this as his cue to call Jamie in what is an incredibly awkward and endearing sequence to formally ask her out.

While I know that Holden and Willa obviously have a history we haven’t had a chance to explore yet, I can’t help but find these two cute.

The universe has a way of course-correcting

If you’re a fan of the television series “LOST,” you probably recognized this line. It referenced attempting to change things through time travel, but hey, “Beyond” has plenty of strange mystical things going on that the line works here too.

Willa takes a big chance

We might not know a whole lot about the Realm just yet, but it’s clear that whatever Willa was trying to do when she hooked herself up to a big machine to get to her grandfather, was dangerous. When we see her again, she’s weaker, got nosebleeds, and is doing some complicated math. She’s also visibly upset that Holden says the Realm is behind him.

She probably needs to give him a little more information than continuing to talk in cryptic sentences here and there if she expects Holden to help her in the future.

RIP Kevin

We know now that Yellow Jacket definitely killed Kevin. I’d like to say it’s TV, where, if you don’t see it play out on screen, it didn’t happen, but Jeff and Holden’s reactions seem to indicate that Kevin is really gone. When Holden gets angry enough to go after the man in the yellow jacket though, what we see is that he refuses to fight back because Holden is “too important.”

Willa is going to need Holden’s help, and the mysterious Hollow Sky that the man in the yellow jacket works for wants Holden, but Holden doesn’t even know what all he can do yet.

Holden’s little brother might have big time problems

The few times we see Luke in this episode, he’s hanging out with his girlfriend and he’s got one very big bag of pills. Is he a dealer? Does he just really like to have a good time? Is he just the guy who plans the refreshments for parties? With Holden showing up at his dorm, I have a feeling we’ll be learning a lot more about Luke in the coming weeks.

The verdict

This episode was tense and left us all on the edge of our seat quite a bit, but it didn’t feel like a lot of progress was made in the storyline.

4 out of 5 stars

What’s next

Holden and Luke are going to be spending some quality time together next week, but Holden is also going to get a flood of memories, and meet someone new.