Thanksto the WWE Network,fans of The Undertaker have access to hours upon hours of matches featuring the Dead Man. From his debut in 1991 to his match earlier this year atWrestleMania, Taker's legacy in the ring is captured in the WWE's over-the-top video streaming service. But what about his limited appearances outside of WWE?

Now that his career has slowed down, The Undertaker would have more than enough time to take, accept other on-camera roles. Guys like The Rock and John Cenahave shown that there are jobs outside of wrestling for WWE Superstars.

However, Mark Calaway has decided not to take advantage of very many of these opportunities.

Officially, The Undertaker's acting résumé includes at least five credits that aren't available on the WWE Network.

Hutch inSuburban Commando

Hardcore WWE fans know that The Undertaker made his official WWF debut atSurvivor Series 1990 as the mystery partner for Ted DiBiase's Million Dollar Team. A year later, in November of 1991, The Undertaker won his first WWF Championship by defeatingHulk Hogan atSurvivor Series 1991 (with a little help from Ric Flair).

However, less than two months prior to facing The Hulkster in the ring, The Undertaker made his debut on the silver screen opposite Hogan as a bad guy named "Hutch" inSuburban Commando.

Look for Calaway at around 1:20 in the trailer below.

Soul Chaser Demonin Poltergeist: The Legacy

In 1999, the WWF was in the midst of the Attitude Era. As the popularity of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin continued to grow, larger-than-life forces had to be created within the company to try to stop him. This led to the development of one of the most dangerous factions in professional wrestling history: The Ministry.

While the Dean Man was appearing onMonday Night Raw looking like a Satanic cult leader, he looked almost exactly the same on the final season ofPoltergeist: The Legacy when he played the role of a demon who brought back souls that had escaped from the afterlife.

Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee

It's fairly common nowadays for WWE Superstars to appear on talk shows out of character, even when they're promoting upcoming WWE events.

But in the early 90s, breaking kayfabe was a big no-no. In 1991 specifically, on the eve of his WWF Championship Match against Hulk Hogan,

The Undertaker appeared onLive! with Regis and Kathie Lee with Paul Bearer, not once breaking character. As expected, Regis Philborn played up being a Hulk Hogan mark, complete with Hulk Hogan "Wrestling Buddy" dolls and a "Hulk Rules" t-shirt.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

By 2003, things had changed dramatically. As part of the build-up to SummerSlam and his match against A-Train, Taker stopped by for an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Leaving kayfabe aside, Mark talked about how it was important to be able to change his character from the Dead Man persona to the American Bad Ass.

When discussing the pillow fight The Undertaker would be having on the show with Cousin Sal, Kimmel even called WWE "fake." Before the fight, Calaway also talks about some of the jobs he had before being a professional wrestler.

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

If there's one thing Jimmy Fallon has changed about late-night television, it's the necessity of creating content that can go viral. From his famous "History of Rap" duets with Justin Timberlake to hisSaved By The Bell reunion, Fallon and his crew know how to make content that the internet will love.

Such was the case with a segment featuring The Undertaker that has received more than 4.5 million views on YouTube. It involves The Undertaker delivering his patented Tombstone Piledriver to a man in a turkey costume.

Similar to his appearance onRegis and Kathie Lee, he never broke kayfabe during the stint onThe Tonight Show.

Mark Calaway has also voiced himself as The Undertaker on several different animated films and TV shows, includingCelebrity Deathmatch and WWE's collaborative cinematic efforts with theScooby-DooandFlintstones franchises.