Ariel Winter loves to flaunt her body and new, smaller breasts. After a boob job to shrink her plus-sized breasts, the Modern Family star has, not surprisingly, lost weight. Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy on the top-rated sit-com, has shared her still voluptuous post weight loss body in skimpy attire. The 18-year-old actress has been shamed by Internet prudes for her "too revealing" and "immodest" photos.

Ariel winter weight loss down to breast reduction alone?

If you watched Modern Family from the beginning, you noticed that Ariel Winter literally ballooned over the years.

She was unrecognizable from the pint-sized tomboy of 2009. Of course, puberty has a lot to answer for and Winter took blossoming to new levels. At her largest, she wore a size 32F bra cup size. At 17, she underwent controversial breast reduction surgery.

And she was shamed by those Internet hand-wringers that said she was too young for plastic surgery. It wasn't to add but to minus, however--a significant difference. It was done to save the poor kid's back and neck. And to stop the weird attention from pedophiles and pervs.

After subtracting her mammoth mammaries to a manageable 34D, Winter shows weight loss all over. As a kid, her "abusive" mom pestered her not to get fat. Did Ariel put on weight to spite mom and then lose it to prove she could?

Or is she just happier with a less conspicuous cleavage?

Winter shows too much skin?

A lot of women long for big boobs. Some have breast implants to enlarge them. Winter can speak to how much fun big boobs aren't. Some large-chested women are actually embarrassed by their big chests.Now Winter is anxious to show off normal sized breasts and her other curvy assets.

Like Chris Pratt, Winter is probably just happier after weight loss.

And the implacable Internet mommies are shaming her for that.These same folks, mind, admire enhanced boobs on TV every day, follow fake-boob-baring celebrities but get squeamish over a post-breast reduction set daintily covered. Is it too much? Well, for someone who has grown used to constant ogling, it's probably logical consequences.