The General Lee, the classic Dodge Charger featured on the TV show Dukes of Hazzard, is losing its tenure on the airwaves after the Confederate flag came under attack. The flag has been banned in many places after a racial shooting at a church in South Carolina. An iconic piece of American pop culture, the orange 1969 Dodge Charger with the Stars and Bars painted on the roof gained fame in the long-running series Dukes Of Hazzard that was on the small screen from 1979 to 1985, with re-runs being shown ever since. The show is about a close-knit family in the southern state of Georgia.

There has been a public outcry for the removal of the Confederate flag since nine people were shot to death in a black church in Charleston, SC. The gunman, Dylann Roof, walked into the church and opened fire in what has been reported as a hate crime. His license plate on his black Hyundai depicts several versions of the flag, with Confederate States of America written on it as well.

The recent events besmirching the Confederate flag have contributed to Dukes Of Hazzard getting pulled off the air on TVLand, product licenses for their merchandise being revoked, as well as social media stories both advocating and denouncing the show. The Confederate flag has long been known as a symbol of southern pride in the United States, and often has been associated with racist groups who have taken its image as their own.

The General Lee is simply an icon from a television show, however it does evoke fond memories for demographics. Southern United States residents take pride in the depiction of their lifestyle and heritage associated with the car. Baby Boomers recall the orange Charger as part of their childhood. The General Lee itself, regardless of the flag on the roof, hasn't drawn any negative attention on its own.

It's unclear whether the removal of Confederate flag memorabilia is a knee-jerk reaction that will be lifted when flaring tempers cool. South Carolina's Capitol building removed the flag from its grounds following the black church shooting in Charleston, SC. The rebel flag was removed from a Palestine, Texas courthouse in April 2011 after similar controversy about it being flown to commemorate Confederate History Month.

Enforcing the ban on controversial flag would be met with strong opposition.