5 great Michael Keaton 'Batman' games, including Genesis

'Batman' for the NES is an 8-bit classic. [© YouTube/ Cinemassacre]
'Batman' for the NES is an 8-bit classic. [© YouTube/ Cinemassacre]

A list of the finest games to feature Keaton's depiction of the caped crusader such as 'Batman' on Gameboy.

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When it was first announced that Michael Keaton would don the cape and cowl for the 1989 film "Batman," fans and critics were less than pleased. Known mostly for his comedic roles, such as "Mr. Mom" and "Beatlejuice," Keaton was perceived as ill-fitting for the dark and brooding hero's role. Those concerns were largely laid to rest when Tim Burton's "Batman" hit the silver screen to generally positive reviews. "I'm Batman" is still regarded as one of the most quotable lines in movie history. The American Film Institute rated Keaton's depiction of Batman as the 46th best hero in films.

So, it's no surprise that the recent announcement of Keaton's return to the role in the upcoming "Flash" film was met with excitement for comic lovers and cinephiles alike. Of course, the dark knight is no stranger to the world of gaming. Much like "Spider-man," "Batman" has had many game adaptions from talented developers such as Rocksteady and Telltale. In celebration of Keaton's return to the role, here's a list of the best "Batman" games based on the films in which Keaton played the eponymous caped crusader.


'Batman' on Gameboy takes some liberties

Yes, it's odd to see "Batman" using a gun. Even in the Burton films where Batman never showed reservations with lethal force, he still didn't use firearms. However, if you can look past the liberties they took with the source material, you'll find a decent side-scrolling run and gun with creative projectiles and an outstanding soundtrack.


'Batman Returns' for NES is 8-bit brawling fun

On par with Konami's other NES brawlers such as "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project," "Batman Returns" delivers familiar 8-bit beat-'em-up goodness. It may pale in comparison to its 16-bit counterpart, but it still comes recommended to NES owners who crave some "Batman" action.

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