One must give credit to the United States' ability to track down and kill wanted militants and terrorists. We have seen this earlier during the period of President Obama when the Navy Seals penetrated deep Inside Pakistan and neutralized Osama Bin Laden. He was the biggest terrorist going round. At that time the USA had credible evidence that Osama Bin Laden was being sheltered by the Pakistan army. He had been housed close to the Military Academy at Abbottabad.

This time something similar happened when an aide turned informant. CBS has reported that the informant was close to Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi and gave the Americans the location and plan of the residence of the terrorist leader.

This led to the raid on October 26.

His name has not revealed but there is speculation that the aide will receive 25 million dollars.

Excellent homework

The US which some time back blacklisted China for trade practices did its homework exceptionally well. It mounted an attack only after the high-value target was identified. The informant was able to get underwear of Baghdadi as well as a blood sample which confirmed that the man residing in the compound was the notorious Islamic terrorist leader al-Baghdadi. This is reported by the Guardian.

In the operation to kill Osama Bin Laden, the president had observed the operation live. This time, President Trump had his eyes glued to the details of the operation which were transmitted to him.

The US special forces also took with them a couple of trained dogs as well as a robot that was not used.

Baghdadi died with three children

From all accounts, it appears Baghdadi was taken completely by surprise. Many of his close associates were shot dead and Baghdadi himself ran inside a long underground tunnel with no opening.

He was pursued by ferocious dogs. This perhaps prompted US President to say that Baghdadi died a "dog's death like a coward." Whatever Baghdadi may have done, he cannot be condoned for his act of taking three children inside the cavern to certain death. This shows the nature of the man. This is an extremely sad fallout of the raid that resulted in the death of the three children.

From all accounts, it appears that Baghdadi was wearing a suicide vest which he detonated once the dogs were chasing him. Later the US special forces confirmed that Baghdadi was given a burial. No details were released

President Donald Trump thanked Russia, Turkey, Syria, and grudgingly, the Kurds for helping to eliminate the dreaded terrorist. Baghdadi appeared to be a man without any compassion as one cannot imagine a man taking three young children with him to death.

Baghdadi had also kidnapped a US aid worker and repeatedly violated her. She was killed in a raid when the US Airforce was targeting Baghdadi. The US president has announced that the successor to Baghdadi may have also been killed.


At the moment the ISIS is without a leader and will find it very difficult to regroup. The US and other nations cannot lower their guard as the ISI has the potential to regroup and create trouble at other points in the world. Significantly, no messages of congratulations have come from any of the Muslim countries on the death of the notorious terrorist leader.