Donald Trump is allegedly colluding with another foreign government. This time Ukraine. A simple congratulatory call to the newly elected president became a national scandal.

Democrats are accusing Trump of colluding with Ukraine now. This is like the charges of collusion with the Russia government. He is being accused of using the power of the presidency to help in his upcoming campaign.

He is being accused of withholding military funds from Ukraine. This is called quid pro quo - a fancy term for "I scratch your back, you scratch mine."

The Bidens in Ukraine

Rudy Giuliani has been talking about Ukraine for months.

He claims that Joe and Hunter Biden improperly benefited from their work in Ukraine as reported by Fox News. Hunter Biden was a member of the board for Burisma Holdings.

This is a natural gas company in Ukraine. He was hired in 2014. This was two months after the Russia friendly president was elected out of office. This arrangement drew criticism because it seemed this was to increase influence in the Obama administration. Joe Biden was responsible for America's policy in Ukraine. He made trips to Ukraine during the Obama presidency.

One of the criticism was that Hunter Biden never worked in the natural gas industry. Now he is a member of the board. He did not have any experience working in Ukraine or any history with the Ukrainian government.

Two years into this arrangement the circumstances changed. The owner of Burisma Holdings was being investigated by top prosecutor Viktor Shokin. It's the same company that Hunter Biden works on the board for.

Joe Biden made a trip to Ukraine that same year. This was right after the announcement of a $1 billion loan guarantee from the United States.

They were walking out to the press conference to announce the loans when Joe Biden turned to the president of Ukraine.

He told them that they would not be getting the money. The president of Ukraine said that he did not have the power to do that. Biden said to call the president. This is clear in the following video from the Council of Foreign Relations:

Biden put conditions on the loan.

The president would have to fire the top prosecutor as reported by the Hill. The same prosecutor who was investigating Burisma Holdings, who employed his son Hunter. The reason seems to be that he was soft on corruption.

Both sides of the aisle respond to the allegations

Devin Nunes responded to the allegations. He was quoted in the story by Fox News, "the very thing they're accusing President Trump of doing, Biden did." Biden admitted to doing this with the Ukraine loans. This story has been covered by the New York Times and Fox News.

Donald Trump denied the "quid pro quo." The talk with the president was "perfect." He also denied that he withheld the military aid, calling the reports bogus.

Rudy Giuliani increased his pressure on the Bidens.

He claims the Bidens received $3 million for their work in Ukraine. He tweeted the following, "If Dem party doesn’t call for an investigation of Bidens’ millions from Ukraine and billions from China, they will own it."

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, according to Fox News, is looking at moving on impeachment proceedings. She has stated that they would not move on impeachment unless they had enough votes. She would rather investigate than vote for impeachment and not have a chance at winning.

Adam Schiff, a staunch opponent of Trump stated that the facts are leading them toward impeachment.

This is the same Congressman who claimed to have the evidence from Russia collusion. His evidence this time is from a third party whistle-blower account.

The bottom line

If Trump can be impeached for quid pro quo, then what should happen to Biden. He admitted to doing it. This is the leading candidate for president.

The Democrats cannot win the upcoming election and their strategy is to remove Trump. If Biden wins, then the Democrats have no choice to impeach Joe Biden. The Democrats are investigating themselves.

The minute the investigation is open for impeachment, they must ask Biden to forgo his run for president. They claim to defend the Constitution. If that is the case, then an investigation must be open on Biden as well.

Joe Biden is not protected from an investigation because he is running for president. He should be investigated because he is running for president. Donald Trump was well within his Constitutional rights to ask for an investigation because a crime was committed against the United States. This is not an impeachable offense.

Another witch hunt. This is nothing more than a political maneuver. The Democrats cannot win on merit. If they try to impeach, then they will have to present it. Their current case is based upon a whistle-blower report that they do not even have in their possession.