Donald Trump got a whistle-blower complaint last week about a conversation that he had with the leader of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskiy is the president of Ukraine. After he won the election last year, Trump called to congratulate him on his victory.

During this conversation, Trump was reportedly overheard asking the new president to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. Hunter Biden worked for a natural gas company in Ukraine while his father was vice president of the United States.

The Bidens in Ukraine

While Hunter Biden's father was vice president, he was working for a Ukrainian natural gas company.

He was advising Ukraine on natural gas regulations. Joe Biden oversaw the United States' Ukraine foreign policy.

Hunter Biden never worked in Ukraine before working with the natural gas company according to Fox News. Hunter Biden did not have a background in energy or natural gas. Without any work history in this industry, he was collecting funds for his ability from the Ukranian government.

The Ukranian government was investigating the natural gas company that Hunter Biden was working for. Joe Biden has been suspected of forcing the Ukraine government to terminate the top prosecutor. Biden claims that the accusations has no credibility.

The accusation against Donald Trump

Trump called the new Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and offered his congratulations on his victory in the election.

Allegedly, during this call, Trump asked the newly elected president to investigate the Bidens. He threatened to withhold aid to the country unless he started the investigation.

Time Magazine quoted Trump saying, "we don't want our people, like 'Vice President Biden and his son' contributing to corruption already happening in the Eastern European nation." The country was investigating corruption while Biden was vice president.

It was considered an example of corruption in the nation.

Trump called the allegations a witch hunt. He claims that there was nothing wrong with his conversation with the new president of Ukraine. The Democrats are requesting that he release the transcripts of the conversation.

Trump is contemplating releasing the transcripts.

This is not a common occurrence because of the sensitive nature of the conversation. Releasing the transcripts might hinder future conversations with leaders of other countries.

The leaders of other countries want to know that they could talk to the president without fear of their conversations being released. Trump is going to meet with Zelenskiy at the upcoming United Nations meeting. He claims that the conversation would include the same language if Ukraine releases the transcripts, further proving that Trump did nothing wrong during his conversation.

Adam Schiff and Joe Biden respond to the accusations

Schiff has requested that Congress receive the whistle-blower documents at once. The complaint has not yet been released.

Adam Schiff has threatened to take legal action if they are not given to Congress.

This action by the president has pushed Schiff closer to impeachment demands. According to Time Magazine on his interview on CNN's State of the Union, he stated, "after having sought foreign assistance and welcomed foreign assistance in the last presidential campaign as a candidate, he is now doing the same thing again." The charges that he was accused of were cleared following the two-year investigation into Russia collusion.

Adam Schiff is perhaps acting like he was guilty of colluding with Russia. The Mueller Report cleared the president after the investigation was concluded. He wants to keep the narrative in the press so that this new news will give him the excuse to keep investigating Donald Trump.

Joe Biden denied any wrongdoing and claimed that the allegations are not credible. Biden believes that Trump should be investigated for his conversation. He was quoted in Time Magazine as suggesting that Trump was motivated by politics, and he said that he "would beat him like a drum."

The Bottom Line

Adam Schiff was the one beating the drum during his interview. He accused Trump of taking foreign aid during his last campaign. The Mueller Report proved that this was not true.

This is a sitting representative who sounds like he might tell lies on national television. He is not being accountable for his actions. This could be a way for Adam Schiff to keep investigations in the news and try to justify his actions for the investigations that the Democrats are now leading against Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, author Peter Schweizer explains that "Hunter Biden, when he's been asked about this, has lied repeatedly and they've been proven lies by ABC News and other outlets," according to Fox.

The report has not been released to Congress. If the report has not been released to Congress, then how does Adam Schiff know of the whistle-blower accusations against Trump? This would mean that he has some sort of report on it and if that is the case, and he is protecting the American people, then why is he not releasing the information?

This sounds like it could be a witch hunt as Trump describes. Biden claims that Trump is motivated by politics. What are Adam Schiff's motives? That question must be answered to find out what happened in Ukraine.