Netflix's hit series 'Bodyguard' has earned high praise for Richard Madden, but it should also earn praise for being a 2019 Emmy nominee. When the 2019 Emmy nominees are announced, 'Bodyguard' star Richard Madden should definitely have a spot on the shortlist. While the series itself deserves to be considered a Best Drama Series contender, if not the winner.

Madden stars as David Budd, the main character who ends up being assigned to protect the UK's most controversial politician in the United Kingdom. Madden has already picked up a Golden Globe Award, and is expected to pick up an Emmy nomination as well.

However, with all the buzz surrounding his performance, the rest of the 'Bodyguard's' cast is getting overlooked.

'Bodyguard' is definitely one of Netflix's most bingeable original series

Screenwriter Jed Mercurio has made this series one of the best he has ever written. While his show 'Line of Duty' is spectacular, 'Bodyguard' is on another level. It definitely has one of the best opening sequences in television history. Mercurio managed to turn eleven minutes of two characters talking to each other into a tension driven scene, something not many writers can do.

'Bodyguard' has become one of the most suspensful dramas in the last decade.While there is a ton of TV that's available to consume, it's easy to tune into shows and figure out what's going to happen just based on common sense.

'Bodyguard' managed to keep viewers guessing from start to finish. The show's plot twists were true surprises, not just thrown in for shock and dramatic effect.

'Bodyguard' cast makes it deserving of an Emmy nomination

One of the other strong performances is by Keeley Hawes. Hawes plays the Home Secretary, who is gunning for the Prime Minister job.

She delivers the perfect performance of a conniving politician, while also offering a new side to herself. Hawes and Madden give 'Bodyguard' a very human pulse, which guides all of the tense conspiracy and controversy.

The other performance to pay attention to is Sophie Rundle, who portrays David's ex-wife Vicky Budd. Rundle expands her character beyond just the "spouse" personality and shows why Vicky is so important to his life.

While the actors have stepped up their game, you must also acknowledge the directors and crew who made 'Bodyguard' even better than any feature film. As the action gets tough, it does an excellent job of making the viewer feel as if they are trapped with David.

'Bodyguard' is a series that gets your adrenaline pumping, your heart racing, but allows you the ability to admire how well constructed the show is. The only proper way of recognizing this one is to nominate it for a 2019 Emmy for Best Drama Series.