If you're still watching the news for the truth, you're wasting your time -- the media has no ethics. Recently (November 29), CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill was terminated due to anti-Israel remarks he made at the United Nations. But, this wasn't because he said something offensive, he said the truth. And in the eyes of the media, they determine what the truth is. According to a report by the Washington Post on December 12, his university defended his right to freedom of speech.

How the media lied about Marc Lamont Hill

In his speech at the United Nations Hill stated "from the river to the sea," a reference that Jews deem offensive, and a call for the "destruction of Israel." However, before anyone claims this is anti-Semitic take into account that the media purposely misconstrue information to create a media frenzy, and what easier way to create a frenzy than by accusing someone to be racist or anti-Semitic.

His comments held no bias, he simply advocated freedom for a people who have been predisposed as the enemy while under Israeli occupation for a half a century. Problem is, he's on the wrong side.

'Justice for all citizens of Israel' says Marc Lamont Hill

Hill is known for taking a stance against injustice and defending ones civil rights that are being infringed upon, so it should be no surprise that he would be in support of the Palestinians who are being discriminated against and painfully oppressed by Israeli military rule.

But, just because he chooses to support their fight doesn't mean he hates or wishes for the death of the Jewish people. This was Hill's sentiment as well.

In a series of tweets on Twitter, he responded stating, "My reference to 'river to the sea' was not a call to destroy anything or anyone. It was a call for justice, both in Israel and in the West Bank/Gaza.

The speech very clearly and specifically said those things. No amount of debate will change what I actually said or what I meant." Yet, instead of the media truthfully acknowledging his message which was a declaration for freedom and equal rights for all citizens in Israel, it was more beneficial to spread lies to make for good news.

Temple University respects Marc Lamont Hill's freedom of speech

With all the backlash, thankfully Hill's Alma mater, Temple University has given him some support. In a statement given by the board of trustees at Temple University, they condemned his use of the reference but recognized his intent. Despite their trying to do their best to cater to the feelings of the public and protect the views of the institution they also mentioned that Hill does have a right to freedom of speech under the constitution: A right that is quickly being taken away.

America prides itself on the 1st amendment, "the right to freedom of speech or of the press," yet the press appears to be the most censored industry in the world.

The media's agenda to censor Marc Lamont Hill

However, its censorship is not to protect you, but them. Their job is not to inform you of what's going on, rather sell fear, propaganda, and defend whatever side they're on -- left vs right. The smear campaign against Hill is just another example of the media's agenda to be divisive by any means, even if it means taking words out of context and provoking the public. All of this drama is attributed to fake news media.

The media fails to accept that the truth cannot be edited, and if it is, it's a lie. It has no shame in assassinating one's character for power. It is a disservice to the public that the media refuses to adhere to its own code of ethics -- which is to seek truth and report it.