Don Lemon is known for being one of the most efficient emissaries of the left’s talking points and claims. From gaslighting Antifa’s violence to spreading conspiracy theories about the Republican Party and Russia, he has been CNN’s most aggressive anti-Trump figure by far. However, he reached an unexpected level of intolerance a couple of days ago by claiming that white men are not only a serious threat to America but also that government must do something about it. Basically, he was the main character in one of the most bigoted moments on TV over the last few years.

Don Lemon would’ve been condemned if he was a white person standing against another racial group

Just imagine if instead of Don Lemon, a white man such as Chris Cuomo said live on CNN that black men are the biggest threat to America. Imagine if he does that using as his main argument the crime statistics of this particular group. Now imagine what would be the general reaction to this hypothetical controversy and compare it to the aftermath of Don Lemon’s bigoted rant.

Recently, journalist Megyn Kelly got fired after saying something incredible less aggressive. In short, she asked live on TV why white people couldn’t wear black faces. Suffice it to say, this was more a display of ignorance and stupidity than racism.

In fact, this shameful episode should have ended when she apologized for ignoring the racist background of wearing black faces, considering that everyone knows she’s not exactly Camille Paglia. But far from ending in the rational matter, Kelly got fired the next day.

Something similar happened in the same network where Lemon works.

In this case, it was conservative Jeffrey Lord who got fired because for an incredibly absurd reason. Long story short, he was arguing on Twitter with Media Matters’ president, and in one particular moment, he started to compare him with a Nazi. Therefore, in a mocking way, Lord wrote “Seig Heil!” Believe it or not, CNN fired him hours after that, claiming that "Nazi salutes are indefensible."

Don Lemon’s unnoticed controversy highlights the main problem with today’s left

Getting to this point, the main question is why the most despicable, bigoted, and racist comments against a certain group of people became normalized and accepted by many, even when these are propagated on the mainstream media.

Why such horrible remarks are ironically made in the wake of hate crimes and in a moment where Don Lemon and CNN are calling to an end with inflammatory rhetoric. Why did the left become the political faction that uses race-mongering, identity politics and intersectionality to achieve its political goals? Why does it even dehumanize minorities to use them as political pawns in the name of social justice?

With this case, the left seems to confirm what many conservative figures have claimed over the last few decades. It's the idea that they really never cared about racism or bigotry: The idea that the left’s solution to injustice is nothing more than switching the position between the oppressed and the oppressors

Of course, I’m not calling for CNN to fire Don Lemon.

In fact, I believe in freedom of speech and I think he has the right to say whatever he wants, no matter if he hurts any sort of faction. Nevertheless, the disgusting element in this controversy is not only the left’s irresponsible double standards in condemning racism and criticizing the First Amendment when is convenient. Basically, it all comes down to the fact that this is the group that hijacked and controls the moral high ground, the humanitarian narrative, the mainstream media, the most powerful tech companies, the academy, and even the entire culture.