When President Donald Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh as his nominee for the Supreme Court, it was impossible to believe that the political tension in the U.S. wouldn't escalate to a whole new level. After all, this country has experienced such an incredible radicalization in its traditional parties that the possibility of a second civil war isn’t off the table. In fact, this could be the natural outcome of a political mayhem where the Kavanaugh situation is nothing more than the latest chapter. However, this one seems to be one of the most delicate and could even set a turning point in this chaotic period.

Basically, the scandal came as a miraculous sword that fell from the sky in the realm of the Democratic Party. Just when everything was good to go, Dianne Feinstein suddenly claimed that a woman named Christine Blasey Ford revealed that the nominee almost raped her three decades ago. Since that moment, his nomination has been sabotaged, considering the incredible damage this type of accusation creates. In fact, what is even more disturbing is the lack of substantial evidence to support the woman’s charge.

Brett Kavanaugh’s scandal: The parties’ responses

Over the last few hours, soon after some liberal outlets started to cast doubts about Ford’s allegations, another bombshell appeared. As reported by the BBC, another woman named Deborah Ramirez suddenly came out and made similar accusations against Brett Kavanaugh.

Unfortunately, her allegations are even more impossible to prove than those made by Ford.

Getting to this point, both the left and the right have taken the most radical positions. On the one hand, the New York Post reported how many conservatives have claimed this is nothing more than a smear campaign and that the accusers shouldn't be trusted.

On the other hand, liberals have decided to believe the women and call for the nominee’s withdrawal despite the lack of proof. But truth be told, the left is clearly the most radical group in this whole controversy. After all, each of its factions is pushing this narrative, including the mainstream media and the entertainment industry.

Donald Trump's presidency will always be remembered by Brett Kavanaugh's controversy

Lamentably, this whole controversy is the greatest representation of America’s political mayhem. It’s the most unfortunate manifestation of how the scandal regarding Brett Kavanaugh and the accusers turn the truth in the most irrelevant element. It’s the most disgusting evidence of how the fundamental goal is just the political points for your party and the punches against the rival one. It's the clearest demonstration of how everything is about protecting Trump’s presidency or destroying it.

Could this be a smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh? It’s quite possible. Could the women be telling the truth and he should step down as the immediate consequence?

That’s also a possibility. But unfortunately, America is experiencing such a politicized moment that the center disappeared and even common sense could be praised by one party and brutally criticized by the other.

Considering Donald Trump’s rebellious attitude and Democrats’ radical opposition against his administration it is logical to expect the worse in the near future. Regardless what happens with Brett Kavanaugh, this will always be remembered as one of the main moments that defined one of the most chaotic periods in the U.S. history. The era of Donald Trump and a radical opposition.