The Department of Justice released the documents used to obtain a FISA warrant against Carter Page. Carter Page was a member of the Trump campaign. He reportedly had ties to Russia and there was enough evidence to obtain a warrant to monitor and track his communications.

The warrant was obtained by the Obama administration. Basically, they were monitoring the other side during the campaign. They were listening to communications from the Republicans during the campaign. The information was obtained from a dossier initiated and reportedly funded by the Clinton campaign.

That dossier brings up the biggest question in the whole investigation. Was it possibly funded by the opponent of Trump during the campaign? The evidence for the warrant did not originate from the investigative branch of the United States.

Republicans speak out against the FISA documents

Donald Trump reacted to the dossier - the main reason for the warrant. He stated his displeasure with the whole Russia collusion investigation on Twitter.

According to a report on Fox News, “The FBI speculates to the FISA court that the U.S. Person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit candidate 1's campaign.” This statement was provided by Fox News taken directly from the released FISA documents.

This is a vague language to justify a warrant. Actually, this could mislead judges who signed off on the warrant. This warrant was extended four times.

The FISA documents used a Yahoo News article to verify the Steele dossier.

They did not use documents from the FBI. Fox News speculates that this might have been “circular reporting,” which means that the article on Yahoo News just repeated the information from Fusion GPS, the company behind the Steele dossier.

The dossier was not considered a political document for the original warrant. In fact, in the last renewal of the warrant, the dossier was dropped altogether.

The reason it was not used was that Steele misled the investigators over his media contacts. The basis for the original warrant was no longer being used by the investigators. The FBI should have already known the facts behind the dossier at the beginning to verify the validity of the evidence when obtaining the original warrant.

Carter Page denied the reporting by Yahoo News which was used to validate the Steele Dossier. So the last renewal did not have the evidence from the Steele dossier or verification of the Yahoo News story.

Democrats response to the FISA documents

Representative Jerrold Nadler stated the “applications were necessary and appropriate. Those who say otherwise are trying desperately to protect President Trump from a broader investigation that must be allowed to take its course without interference,” via the New York Times.

That is a bold statement to show his support for the security of the United States.

Nancy Pelosi also voiced her opinion on the release of the documents. The documents show the proof that the warrants were justified and that Republicans should stop attacking the ongoing investigation. According to Fox News, she stated: “for the sake of our national security and our democracy, these vital investigations must be allowed to continue unhindered by Republican interference.” Another voice to support the democracy of the United States.

A third Democrat also spoke out about the documents and that was Adam Schiff. He stated, via Fox News, that the FBI has a “legitimate concern” that warranted the investigation.

He also claimed that Trump was the author of the earlier memo from the House Judiciary Committee. That memo was about the abuses of the FISA warrant application. In that memo, Republicans claimed that the warrant was obtained illegally and was used strictly to discredit the Trump Campaign.

The final verdict of the FISA documents

The Democrats and Republicans have differing views about the FISA documents. Democrats believed they were needed to protect our democracy and our freedoms. The Republicans believe that the FISA documents show proof that our freedoms and liberties were violated.

The freedoms we enjoy in this country are guaranteed by our Constitution. That document protects us from unlawful search and seizure.

The government must provide evidence of wrongdoing in order to authorize surveillance. It has to be undisputed evidence, not political or hearsay.

The FISA warrant was obtained by a political document and verified by a news report. There is no clear evidence in the obtainment of this warrant. In fact, later renewals dropped the main document used to obtain it originally. The renewals never mentioned if there was any evidence collected to garner renewals of this warrant.

If the evidence showed a clear connection between Carter Page and the Russians, then the investigation would have been warranted. There was no clear evidence and no new evidence appeared during the investigation. The Department of Justice had no justification to ask for this warrant and should have recommended the FBI investigate further and find real evidence.

The initial evidence was later found to be unreliable and was not used in renewals.

The FBI did not investigate initially and depended solely on outside sources to request a FISA warrant. This type of behavior sets a bad precedence. This is a clear violation of Carter Page's constitutional rights and any argument that claims this investigation is upholding the freedoms of America does not understand the freedoms that were granted to us by the Constitution of the United States.