Most people know the idiom "Finding our place in the Sun." It is a saying that means that we found a happy and fulfilling life. Having a good job we enjoy, living in a comfortable environment and being with the people we want to be with. We all want to have our place in the sun, but it very rarely just comes to one. It takes work, dedication, faith and support. Often times one finds a place in the sun after numerous disappointments or rejections, and sometimes it can go on for years.

What makes it very frustrating for some is that a lot of dedication and hard work can seem to lead to rejections and disappointment.

Sometimes we think we have found something in life like a good job or a suitable environment to live in, but things end up not being right. Often times people are tempted to stick with things that are not right for them for a long time and they are not happy. They stick with it because they feel like they need to and there is no other option. This is what can make life difficult, but staying true to yourself and believing in yourself is how you can find your way into the sun.

Be yourself and have an outlook

It may be hard to just say "Do not give up on your dreams" when they seem hopeless or unlikely. The path of life is so difficult that sometimes taking longer paths to get to where you want to be is worth it.

We all have to do things we do not want to do, but we can do them knowing they will pay off and help accomplish our dreams. We have to tell ourselves to never "settle just to settle," and we have to do something while keeping in mind that it will lead to a path of happiness.

This often refers to jobs. Doing something we hate with no goals in mind to do what we love can make us miserable.

However, jobs we may not like now that can pay off later are different. Some dream careers require starting at the bottom, and knowing you can work your way up is Motivation to find the path to happiness -- even if a simple job is taken to raise money to pursue something exciting. Know that the light is at the end of the tunnel and it can be reached with dedication, and never feel like you have to be miserable forever.

If you are unhappy with a career and you honestly see no way it aligns with your dreams, do not stick with it. At least identify something you might like better and hard search for it, and pounce on an opportunity when it comes along.

Having faith in yourself

By far the hardest part can be believing in yourself when things continue to not work or you have obligations financially. Hope can dwindle very quick and it can really hurt. Never give up. Even if different paths have to be taken to get there, never let the fire die. Everyone is different and everyone finds their niche when they work hard at different times. Nobody is going to come right out of school and become a huge success, or find a spouse, or find a dream home.

It takes some a little time and others a long time, but it can be well worth it in the end. It can only happen if you do not give up.

Count the blessings you have. Whether it is friends, family or just simple things you enjoy. They are all important. It is natural for the bad to overshadow the good, but remembering the good in times of frustration and sadness can help lift our spirits and give us faith in ourselves. Friends and family will always be important, whether they are near or far, true friends will always be there even when they are not physically there. It all sounds kind of cliche and silly at times, but it is truly important to believe in ourselves.

Life will always be hard and imperfect. There will always be ups and downs, happiness and sadness, good days and bad days. There is no reason to just feel sad and unfulfilled. Dream big and never stop believing in yourself.