Donald trump is a man who acts on a hunch and his instinct. Mostly he has been proved correct though there are many who oppose him. His decision on Jerusalem is one of them and it required a man with a conviction and guts to recognize the city as the capital of Israel when other presidents were scared to touch the issue with a pole.Trump has also in the past praised Saddam Hussein for his efficiency in eliminating Muslim terror groups. The president has now opined a withdrawal from Syria. The Navy Times has reported that the president has said that the time has come for US forces to withdraw from Syria.

He has made this statement on the basis of his instinct as he has not unveiled any strategy to replace the withdrawal.


President Trump probably made this remark off the cuff but this is his way of running the administration. He has his opponents and one of them, General Joseph Votel Chief of US Central Command has said that a withdrawal would mean that thousands of Americans who died in Iraq have been sacrificed for nothing.

That is exactly the point the president is making. He has said that the US pumped in 17 trillion dollars into the Middle East since 2002 and in the bargain got nothing. He is the first president who has realized the futile expense in money and American lives lost in Iraq for nothing.

It is like the river of no return.

Hard economics

Trump has another point also. He says in case any powers like Saudi Arabia want us in the Middle East than the concerned power must pay for it. This is hard economics and probably flows from his business background. No other president before him has thought along these lines.

Many strategists feel that Trump is right in calling for a withdrawal from Syria. There is a chance that in case the US pumps in more troops and money into Syria it will only add to the trouble there and would, in any case, be futile other than putting more American lives at stake. It would be a good idea to let Russia, Turkey, and Iran continue in Syria with all its attendant problems.

Pyrrhic victory

The intervention in Iraq has been a Pyrrhic victory and now the US embassy in Baghdad is like a small fortress and American diplomats are not free to walk the streets of Baghdad. One wonders if this was the aim of George Bush who dragged America into a terrible war, where over 4000 Young Men were made cannon fodder for his megalomaniac dream.

Trump is a refreshing change.There are allegations against him but many stem from the fact that he is a decisive president who does not sit on the fence.