Just about everybody knows what Starbucks is and has gone there before. The Coffee brand is in hot water following the arrest of 2 African-American men for trespassing and not making a purchase in the store.

As a result, this has sparked outrage over the brand and the company plans to close 8,000 stores in the U.S. for racial-bias training according to an article in the New York Times. This is how Starbucks plans to revamp their image, but it also means something else for the world we live in today.


The priority for a business is having a good image and providing excellent customer service to all consumers.

Starbucks failed to do so and arrested two men over an outrageous claim to use the restroom and sitting in the store without making a purchase. As a result, their reputation has been damaged. Hoping to fix it, they will implement racial-bias training on "May 29 to offer the training to 175,000 employees."

Hopefully, this training will help employees make better decisions at other stores and not let something like this happen again.

Likewise, a video of the incident has been released where a man named Mr. Yaffe can be heard saying, "But what did they do? What did they do? Someone tell me what they did." as listed in the article by the New York Times. The incident has raised alarm and sparked protests at the Philadelphia store.

Ironically this is not the first time the brand has been mocked.

The Times article states that "In 2015, the company was widely mocked for instructing employees to write "Race Together" on its coffee cups."

CEO Kevin Johnson takes full blame, apologizes

The CEO of Starbucks has come out and apologized to the two men for what transpired that day at the store. Kevin Johnson called it "a reprehensible outcome" and pledged to make "any necessary changes to our practices that would help prevent such an occurrence from ever happening again."

The damage has been done to Starbucks and the training will be mandated on May 29 for all U.S.

stores. This is one step they are taking to fix their image.

Discrimination is still very real

The situation that occurred in that Starbucks store in Philadelphia was flat-out wrong on all accounts. Many people go to Starbucks to conduct business and not purchase anything in the store. The two men did not do anything wrong to solicit a response like that. It is still unclear what the men will do -- either sue or get some kind of compensation or benefit for what happened to them.

The big message this sends is that discrimination still exists today, and although it is not as bad as it was long ago, it still exists. Minorities are specifically mistreated in today's society. People should not be judged by the color of their skin no matter what and this seems to be what happened at this Starbucks store in the city of "Brotherly Love."