The United States is perhaps looking at something that affects the operational efficacy of the US combat troops. It is a matter of great regret that the US casualties during peacetime and training missions are four times those in actual combat. Military news has reported that the Pentagon has said that despite the recent spate of four crashes inside 14 days there is no cause for worry. Another helicopter has just crashed killing two service personnel.

However, Senator Mac Thornberry, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, wrote for the Washington Post, "A total of 185 service members lost their lives in non-combat accidents over the past three years -- more than four times as many as the 44 who were killed in combat".

Peacetime casualties

No fighting force in the world has so many casualties during peacetime training and learning periods then actual combat. The United States armed forces have thus the dubious distinction of having four times the casualties than in combat. No armed force in the world can sustain such casualties. The Pentagon has issued a bland statement but to knowledgeable observers, it is apparent that something is wrong somewhere

One fact that cannot be brushed under the carpet is the prolonged deployment of United States armed forces without much reason in the four corners of the world. One has only to look at the map to realize that the US forces are deployed from Korea to Afghanistan to the Middle East and the countries bordering Russia in Europe.

With the manpower available this deployment is far too much


When any country deploys its troops in such a vast arena with limited forces, it leads to a dilution of training procedures and exercises. Senator John McCain has commented on this aspect of the US armed forces. Such peacetime casualties lower the morale of a fighting force especially if peacetime casualties exceeds those in actual combat.

This can act as a demoralizing force on the troops. The Pentagon and the US President need to look inwards and critically evaluate the deployment of American troops at a number of places.


One can't see the logic of troops in Europe where the Europeans have a reasonably sophisticated force and should be in a position to look after themselves. Donald Trump at one time had said that NATO is obsolete.

It's about time he carried out revolutionary changes in the deployment of the US armed forces. There is no doubt that Trump is seized of the matter and he has asked countries who want US troop to pay for them, but it is not a question of money but manpower. The US force levels have to be considerably increased, or responsibilities outside the American homeland be reduced. One will have to wait and see if Donald Trump can catch the bull by the horns.