Gun Control is a widely controversial topic in America. The Second Amendment lists the right to keep and bear arms. People want to keep their guns and use them for protection, while others believe that they cause more harm than good and that limitations need to be placed on them. With the shootings going on in America it shows that we need to find a solution to this issue. Steps need to be taken.

Both Walmart and Dick's Sporting Goods have chosen to raise the age needed to obtain guns and have taken stances on the matter. It is good to see that they have taken steps forward, but is it enough?

What is the real issue behind all of the mayhem?

The news

An article by the New York Times wrote an overview of the two companies making the new changes, written by Julie Creswell and Michael Corkery. The two huge companies have opted to raise the limit to purchase guns from the age of 18 to 21.

While others could be demonizing the two retailers for their actions, the truth is that it can help the country in the long run. The article lists the importance of Walmart when it comes to selling guns. It states, "Walmart, the biggest gun seller, announced late in the afternoon that it would not sell any gun to anyone under 21 years of age. It also said it would no longer sell items resembling assault-style rifles, including toys and air guns." This news could be seen as stupid, but these toys should not be welcome either.

There are plenty of other objects to play with and toy guns should not be one of them. When it comes to the new age limit, I believe it is right because individuals have to be 21 to drink, so individuals should be 21 to purchase and use a gun. Although the age of 18 is considered an adult, it is not old enough to use the weapon.

In addition, Dick's Sporting Goods has ended the sale of all-assault style rifles in its stores and high-capacity magazines too. President Donal Trump has also taken a hard stance on guns and supporting measures to limit them.

Why the changes?

It is obvious that the changes are in response to the string of school shootings that have been going on in America, and more recently the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The article points out that, "17 students and staff members were killed in the shooting."

The two major retailers have taken a stand on making a difference, but it has to be seen whether others will follow. The protests made by students could have caused the change too. Regardless, students should feel safe while in school, with pursuing an education being a priority.

The culture

As much as I hate to say it, this is still not enough to stop the violence. Other retailers have to follow and put the new age limit in place. But even then, individuals can acquire guns in other ways. But at least the new laws will help in some way because it prevents young people from purchasing guns.

One other solution can be adding more security to all schools across America to combat the shooters and help keep the students safe by either placing a cop in each school or just more security.

And in my opinion, The Second amendment protects people's right to have guns, but it doesn't hold up in today's society.

The reason I believe it doesn't hold up today is that guns are not the same as they were back in the 1700s. There are more guns and they are more powerful and can be modded. Enhancements such as bump stocks and others have made guns much more effective. A weapon long ago could only shoot one bullet at a time and it took an extremely long time to reload, and they were also highly ineffective.

In my opinion, the combination of bad parenting, violent video games, anger, stress, and the tough world that we live in today contribute to the shooters wreaking havoc. I believe that seeking help should be prioritized as well and stronger background checks put into place. In conclusion, guns are part of the issue, but the big issue at large is the culture.