Craig Murray, the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, has now turned blogger. In his post on his blog, the former Ambassador has stated that there was very little chance that the Russian had poisoned the double agent. RT news has reported the former Ambassador also said that the Russians had nothing to gain by trying to kill an old spy who they themselves had released ten years back.

Craig Murray

There is some truth in what the former Ambassador has said. A look at the statement issued by the laboratory never accused that the poison was made in Russia.

All it said was that the poison was similar to the one made Russia. Saying that the poison was similar to the poison that is made in Russia is a play on words and shows that the British have no real proof that the Russians deliberately poisoned the spy.

The Ambassador is right when he says the Russian that nothing to gain by killing an old bloke whose utility was suspect and they themselves had released from prison nearly ten years back and allowed to go to the UK. Russians could have easily executed the double agent while he was in prison in their custody.

However, all the countries are not buying the British story, and the Austria government has stated that before they can come to a conclusion, they must have all the evidence before them.

Even Trump has not been beating the drum for Theresa May.

British theory

The British theory that Putin authorized the murder of the Russian spy looks highly improbable. One is reminded of the statement by doctor Goebbels, World War II propaganda minister of Germany who had stated that a lie repeated 100 times become a truth.

Theresa May has been vociferous in condemning the Russians, and one wonders what her game is.

The Britishers, as a matter of fact, have been caught on the wrong foot on two counts Firstly, they have not been able to give any proof that the Russians administered the poison and one wonder what evidence the Prime Minister has that Putin gave the order to poison the spy.

Putin is not such a big fool. He could have very well got the spy executed when he was in the custody of Russians. Secondly, the British have also not been able to explicitly prove that the poison which was used was made in Russia. Stating that it is similar to the one made in Russia is neither here nor there.

Last word

Apart from hysteria built up by a few in the UK and few EU countries the world, by and large, is not interested in the British allegations. It's about time Theresa May identified real danger by the fifth column in the UK. She could take some lessons from Donald Trump in this matter.