Robert Mueller, one-time head of the FBI, could never have imagined that his past will catch up with him. He was appointed as the head of the FBI by president George Bush. When he was the head of the FBI, the crucial decision to invade Iraq on the grounds that the Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein had WMDs was taken. At that time, the Bush administration was looking for an excuse to invade Iraq and had built up a false case that Saddam Hussein possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. Mueller as the head of the FBI at that time as reported by RT News stated to Congress that the data and evidence presented by General Powell in the UN Security Council were true and had been verified by him.

Mueller and Russian investigation

Mueller is now the head of the Investigation Into the Russian connection and is planning to interview Donald Trump also. But as a man whose past haunts him, it is clear that he is not the knight in shining white armor. He sullied his image by supporting the evidence dished out by the Bush administration before the UN General Assembly and Security Council. A man with such a past cannot be relied on to be objective during the ongoing Russian investigation. There is more than a grain of truth when Donald Trump says that the investigation conducted by him is a "Witch hunt."

The past

The past of the chief prosecutor has so far not attracted much attention, but this past clearly shows that Mueller is a man who can compromise with his principles, or as we say, can compromise with truth.

In the present scenario, the findings of the chief counsel can easily be challenged. Too many people like Sarah Abdallah, and if it appears that if Mueller could have compromised the truth at the time of the Iraq invasion, then there is every chance that he could compromise with the truth during the ongoing Russian investigation.

Better watch out

Donald Trump is watching the antics of the chief counsel very closely. Mueller has not indicated as to how long the investigation will go on and when it will be concluded.

It will not be a surprise to anybody if Donald Trump takes the extreme step and fires Mueller. He did not take any time in firing James Comey

What can Mueller do? It is in his interest to conclude the investigation as quickly as possible. Any delay and procrastination in a prolonged investigation is not the best way of going forward as far as he's concerned. Trump is unlike other presidents. He is a very decisive man and one can expect him to strike back at his opponents as quickly as possible.