While delivering his State of the Union address, President Donald Trump criticized the regime of North Korea and lashed out at the dictatorship in the country aimed at keeping its citizens deprived and oppressed. He also mentioned that the threat of a nuclear attack remains.

North Korea has dismissed the American threats says Daily Mail UK. Pyongyang has reiterated that its nuclear power will act as a deterrent to thwart the designs of the United States in the Korean peninsula. According to Korean Central News Agency, an official of the country’s foreign ministry has cautioned America that unless it changes its attitude, it will face insecurity.

North Korea disputes American claims

The official has not agreed to claims made by President Donald Trump in his address who had said that America has achieved considerable success during his regime of a year. He also talked about him exerting pressure on North Korea to ensure that it abandoned its plans of launching a nuclear attack on the United States.

Another strategy that was adopted by Trump to bring home his point of view was to host a group of North Korean defectors in the Oval Office. The intention was to highlight the plight of the people and the human rights abuses in the hermit kingdom.

However, the North does not agree. It has cautioned that the country has adequate defense capabilities because its nuclear force is the backbone which will prove to be a major hurdle for America.

Will the unrest continue?

The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea has been touted as a possible path to peace in the region because North Korea has agreed to participate. Efforts are also being made to normalize relations between the neighbors. However, the State of the Union address appears to have rekindled the fire that should have been dying.

Donald Trump has indicated his willingness to deal with Pyongyang through diplomacy but has added that the United States could use the option of military force if needed.

Incidentally, one of the venues for the Games is PyeongChang located near the border with the North. New York Times adds that, in the opinion of the governor Choi Moon-soon, the threat from its neighbor is not as serious as is being predicted.

He shrugs off such concerns and says that in spite of its missile tests it lacks the ability to fight a war. He says that the economic output of his province, the poorest in the South, is more than that of the whole of North Korea. He is happy that the Games will bring in foreigners which will, in turn, boost tourism and help in the development of the region.