It's no surprise to millions of viewers worldwide that the most recent Series of Game of Thrones is filled with excitement drama and bloodshed but let's take a look behind the scenes in Rural Northern Ireland where much of the filming has taken place over the past few years.

Northern ireand is a country steeped in history, for many years unrest and harbouring of religious and social economic problems meant multinational companies felt uncomfortable basing themselves in the divided nation. Years passed, talks were brokered and a new generation of more positive business minded individuals have done their level best of let us prosper yet again.

Anywhere in the world where the HBO series Game of Thrones is mentioned it will spark interest, the perfect conversation starter!

The film industry in Northern Ireland is now a multimillion pound business. The people in this place have character and enthusiasm. Many have taken their 'time to shine' playing roles in most of the filming carried out here.

It is inspiring to see tour buses branded with GOT scenes and short getaways dedicated to the series. Scenes were shot in a variety of stunning locations including the Dark Hedges, a 200 year old tree lined Avenue in rural County Antrim and Ballintoy Harbour, another popular destination for visitors.

Game of Thrones will end after its eighth season in 2018.

The multi-award winning series is largely filmed in Northern Ireland with its seventh series in production, with additional filming in Iceland and Spain.

Tenfold return on investment

NI Screen has invested more than £13.75m of public money in the series

Northern Ireland has benefited in the region of £146m to the local economy in terms of tourism.

During winter storms in 2016 many of the famous Daek Hedges beech trees fell victim to the wind but this was not the end of their journey!

A new tourism campaign based on Game of Thrones has delivered doors carved from trees blown down in a storm at the Dark Hedges site in County

Antrim. The 200-year-old beeches have been a visitor attraction since featuring in the series .The doors are now proudly displayed in pubs and restaurants near filming locations.

The are based on key scenes and set in ten locations in Northern Ireland

Coming to an end this summer HBO have put Northern Ireland on the map in terms of film production. I have no doubt this will not be the last world wide series to feature this beautiful little country

Unfortunately in 2017 one of Game of Thrones actors passed away suddenly

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