It is all fun and games until someone gets hurt or in trouble. Therefore, doing risky challenges can put everyone at risk of getting sick or killed, like Eating Tide Pods for example. Due to the major risks involved, it is not okay to participate. It is vital to know what challenges are safe or dangerous.

What are the consequences for daring to eat Tide Pods?

A strange new phenomenon named the Tide Pod Challenge is picking up prevalence among youngsters via web-based networking media — and specialists say it could bring them into the emergency room.

Young people have been posting recordings of themselves biting and choking on the little, bright cleanser cases and challenging others to do the same thing. Some online networking users have posted recordings of themselves cooking the units before eating them.

Be that as it may, the units, which contain ethanol, polymers, and hydrogen peroxide are very dangerous and can make individuals extremely debilitated if consumed. If any measure of cleanser from the pods is consumed it can prompt the runs and regurgitating. In outrageous cases, the units can be dangerous. They ought not to be played with, regardless of whether implied as a joke. Safety is no giggling issue. If the cleanser is gulped, the individual should drink water, and after that contact poison control, according to FoxNews.

Tide Pods are intended to be utilized for cleaning clothing as another option to powder or fluid cleanser. On the off chance that somebody swallows a little measure of the gathered cleanser in the units, even if the entire pod is not swallowed, just a small amount of the concentrated detergent can cause effects such as burns inside the mouth, or problems with breathing.

According to the Washington Post, children who have been exposed to the capsules have been hospitalized with vomiting, breathing difficulties, and loss of consciousness. Although the challenge may sound fun, it is crucial to realize that this challenge can be quite dangerous. For some, the danger is tempting, but the risk is not worth the entertainment or thrill.

Be cautious and consider your health before doing this type of challenge.

As far as fun is concerned, it is okay to do things that are fun. However, it is crucial to know what activity is dangerous. It may be tempting to do something dangerous, but again it is crucial to know what fun things are dangerous. Coming up with risky plans for entertainment will just make it less fun because it will make people sick. Another example of doing anything dangerous that one assumes is fun would be if a young boy saw another young boy getting ready to jump off an airplane, he may think it is okay to jump off an airplane because he assumes it is fun and safe.

What is the lesson?

It is important to not participate in the Tide Pod Challenge, so nobody can get sick or risk death. If anyone wants to do something fun, it is important to make sure it is safe. Do not eat anything that contains chemicals.