South Sutherland, Texas has become the latest victim in what is becoming a commonplace act of violence across America. The First Baptist Church of South Sutherland suffered the latest tragedy resulting from an unstable and mentally deranged man. 26 lives, ranging from 8 months old and up were lost this time. The ability of these individuals to obtain weapons in America is the devastating issue our country faces.

There is a history of mentally ill mass shooters

As I began to research this story, I came to the realization that America has a dark and ugly problem.

In America, we do not handle the Mentally Ill correctly, nor do we keep track of these individuals who find it necessary to solve their problems through mass shootings. Almost every shooter in recent history has had some record of mental illness or crimes that should have disallowed them from obtaining weapons. However, in America, we can't even stop those who can't buy a weapon from finding them. We have a serious black market issue in our country that makes it easy for anyone with money and the right connection to find a weapon for ownership. The weapon used most often is the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

Devin Kelly had a history. He had previously been arrested for domestic violence and for beating a dog.

Devin had previously been court-martialed by the Air Force for fracturing his baby stepson's skull and physically abusing his first wife, Tessa. In 2014, in Colorado Springs, Colorado he was arrested for animal cruelty after chasing a dog down and beating it with his fists. He was simply able to pay a fine to avoid jail time for that matter.

In Texas, he had a small history of driving infractions.

The information on Devin Kelly's past ties into a larger problem facing America today. Mental illness has seemed to sky-rocket across the country, as these mass killings become more prevalent.

What can America do about its mentally deranged, violent citizens?

Every time there is a mass shooting people argue that we need more gun control laws.

Unfortunately, these folks are not considering the fact that guns aren't what kill, just as the massive amount of auto accident deaths are not caused by cars. The mentally ill are what the problem is across America. Even as a Democrat myself, I do not resonate that we need more gun laws. What we need is a database of previously violent and abusive citizens that can be used to keep guns out of their hands. It has come time for our Congress to have a serious conversation about how to handle these mentally deranged individuals.

The Devin Kelly's of America are too numerous to count, and they find ways to get their weapons. The black market of gun sales in America needs to be challenged. The ATF is not doing their job correctly.

Also, these mentally ill citizens need to be housed and monitored. Of course, this is a problem around the world, but America seems to be leading the way in mass killings. There is something to say for the countries such as Australia that have put stricter gun laws in place. Their shootings have decreased. I am not sure that countries like Australia face America's dilemma of the black market and the mentally ill. However, something must be done to ease the pain we are feeling today, and every day, innocent lives are lost.